Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life lessons you can learn from Star Trek!

Jeremy and I came up with this list. We tried to make it funny. If you don't understand it, then you need to watch more Star Trek....


- Be like the borg and adapt.
- I'm not a Betazoid, so just please tell me with you are thinking.
- If you can't come up with a Logical Solution, then there is no solution.
- When giving orders, it is important to say "Make It So" or else it would never get done.
- Don't mess with the temporal time line, its just not worth it.
- Never play chess with a Vulcan
- When applying for a loan stay away from the bank of Ferengi, or anyone with extremely big ears.
- If your boss asks you to accompany him on a business trip, leave your red shirt at home.
- When faced with a confrontation, you should always handle it with diplomacy. However when diplomacy fails remember "Today is always a good day to die."
- If things are going to get ugly, just leave your emotion chip at home.
- If you feel like you don't fit in, the borg collective is always looking for new members.
- No matter how awful and ugly your outfit is, It's "In" somewhere in one of the many galaxies.
- Rules are meant to be bent and sometimes broken, in order to save your own skin.
- If your skin is not green, then you are not one of the most beautiful women in the galaxy.
- Being overly confident and self righteous and also taking huge risks is the only way you'll ever be promoted to admiral.
- Tribbles don't make good pets.
- The Smartest person is never in charge.

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