Monday, September 20, 2010


Okay so I know it has been a little while since I blogged. Well things have been pretty normal around here, and I haven't had much to blog about. Not that my life is boring, but I'm sure you guys don't want to read a post that is just about normal stuff like... Today I woke up, and showered. Then I ate breakfast..... you get the point. There are somethings (little things) that have happened in the last few weeks, that stand out, and if you want to hear about those than keep on reading.

We now have Start Trek DS9 on DVD! We just got it and I am super excited to watch it. So far we have only seen the first episode. We started watching that on Thursday, but only got half way through, then finished it yesterday. Jeremy is on this new diet and workout, and that has been interesting. He has lost some weight (not that he need to lose much mind you), and he super excited about it. The first week of his new diet however, he was super grumpy, it's funny how yummy food can make you so happy, and how not being able to have it, can make you so mad. I think that's why I avoid diets.

Homeschooling is going great. On most weeks we can finish early and take Friday off. We also just got our "Book It" stuff in the mail. I'm sure you remember Book It from when you were a kid. Well they also do it for Homeschool families. It also gives me the freedom to do the program the ways I want, and customize it if need be. I decided to do it by hours. They will get there ticket if they do 10 hours of reading. I even made up a reading log. Now of course once I told the kids about this, they were like "10 Hours! That's a long time." Then I explained... "You don't have to do it all at once. You can start by doing 30 mins a day, and if you do it like that, then it will take you 20 days. If you do 1 hour a day then it will take you 10." Of course after I explain that, Darien jumps in and says "Well I'm going to do 2 hours a day, so it will only take me 5 days." Yeah I really don't think he's going to do that.

On Thursday Link got lost! Wednesday night, I asked the boys to let Samson out, so they did, but Link went out with him. Now normally that's fine, we have a fence. Ten minutes later, I ask the boys to let Samson back in, and they did, but Link didn't want to, so they just closed the door. I didn't even know Link had gone out in the first place. So he was left outside all night. This gave him time to figure out a way out of the fence. I get up Thursday, and can't find Link anywhere, so I ask the boys if they had seen him. "Oh you are looking for Link... well he stayed outside last night." Oh my! Well he wasn't in the back yard anymore. So I start to make up fliers....

Lost Cat

Orange and white Tabby. Goes by the name Link.
Has a tag, but with wrong address and phone number.
Please call ***-***-****

We went out and put them up all over the neighborhood. We came home, and I notice our garage door is open, so I go in and close it. Once closed I hear a Meowww, and Link jumps out of a box. Yup he got out of the backyard, came around front, and went into the garage and hid. I know he is a smart cat.

This past weekend I had my little sister Shelby over to visit!

I know she is super cute!!
She came over and on Saturday we all went to the Renaissance Festival. 

Yeah that does sound like fun, and it should have been, but no. There were way to many people there, and because of that, we didn't get to see all of the fun stuff. Last year we had a lot of fun, but I guess now to many people know about it, and I hate crowds.

Also while Shelby was over, Link found a new hiding spot...
Yeah... Wow... and he's my chubby kitty, so I don't know how he does it...

Sunday we went shopping, just the girls. At least that was fun...

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading...


  1. I love your cat's hiding spot! Cats are the best. He is very cute!

  2. I always go on your blog and feed your fish on the right side of the page. :)