Monday, April 26, 2010

In-home Library!

I wanted a new book self that was specifically for home school books, and this got me looking online at the prices. Boy are things expensive now! Some places wanted close to 100 dollars for just a small book self, and I wanted a big one. So I did the smart thing, and when to Goodwill. That's right I shop there, and there is nothing wrong with that! So anyways Goodwill didn't have any big ones, but it did have two small white ones (as seen in the picture), and I really liked them. I wanted to put them in the dining area off of the kitchen because I plan on teaching in there. This gave me and Jeremy the idea to just move all of the books there. Yup in-home library. I really like it that way, I like having all of the books in one spot, and we also ordered a reading chair to put by the fireplace. Yup soon to be my new favorite room I'm sure. We've also hung up the white board in there, to aid in teaching. Yes very exciting! Okay I know I sound way to excited, and most likely you really don't care that much, but I like telling you anyways, so just deal with it.

I now have a good amount of home school books. My mom saved some of our old school books, and I have gotten some great deals on ebay, but I still have more to buy. I'm still on the waiting list for that one home school umbrella, so I still need prayer on that. I know this is what God wants us to do, so I know he will provide a way for us to do it, and help us along the way, so I'm not to worried. Thank you for reading.

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