Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home schooling!

Okay so I know I mentioned in another post that I was thinking about home schooling my kids, starting next school year. Well I most definitely am! I have spent the past few weeks looking for a church umbrella to go under, and unfortunately most of the church umbrella in this area (I was given a list), don't exist anymore, because the church decided to stop. I did find one, but the church is full, so I was put on the waiting list. Luckily the lady who is in-charge of it (Deborah) says that we are the only ones on the list, and that she always has spots open up during the Summer. I just need prayer, pray that God will provide a way for me to home school my kids. I have already started to order the books, and I can't wait.

The biggest problem I am having with public school right now is the other kids. It seems that most parents don't teach their kids to care for others and be mindful of what they say to others (maybe what I should say is that my biggest problem is the other parents, because a child only knows what their parents teach them). Yes I have had a problem with some of the things Darien is learning, because they just started learning about Dinosaurs, and according to the Bible the earth is about 6,000 years old, but according to scientist the earth is much older. So far this kinda of thing has only happened with Darien. I haven't had any problem with the teachers, for the most part my kids have had great teachers, so I'm not saying anything bad about them, but like I said before it's the others kids, or the other parents. The other day Zachary came up to me, and said "Mommy do you know what a shotter is?" (that's how he said it), and I said "No." (not knowing what he meant) Then he said "It's someone who shoots you." Wow yeah, and oh guess what!?! A boy at school told him. Yeah I know! Yes there are scary things in this world, and yes my kids should understand that, but I should be the one to tell him, not some bratty kid that can't even pronounce it right. Darien (my oldest), has been having to deal with bullies, and that's really hard, and I know how he feels.

Okay yes I know, my kids will have to interact with other kids, in order to develop their social skills, and that they will have to deal with the things that other kids mite say then, but it would be at church or karate, and that is more controlled (meaning more adults around), and I'll know most of the parents, so I'll know who's kid is saying what. Also they won't be spending the whole day around these kids.

I'm ready for the change, and I'm ready to teach my kids, full time, and about everything (I will need prayer in that too). Thank you for reading, and please keep us in your prayers.

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