Monday, April 12, 2010

Checking - in

Okay, so it has been a little while since I've written an actual post, so I'll fill you in on what has been happening in the life of Randi. 2 weeks and 2 days ago, My Mom, Dad, Mommom, Niece, Nephew, and Little Sister all came over. The boys had a blast playing with their cousins, and I loved visiting with Mom, Dad, Mommom, and Shelby. We had Tatter tot casserole for lunch, and I'm glad they liked it. It's a recipe from the Duggers ( The kids play so nicely together, and I was very proud of them, and I need to give a big shout out to Trey and McKenzie (My niece and Nephew), for being so good, because there were no fights, and no yelling. Wow, I know!

A week and 6 days ago my friend Sarah came over for a visit. I love her she is great, she has 3 kids, and she is a really sweet and uplifting person. We have lived in a lot of the same places at the same times, but didn't meet until San Diego. She now lives in VA, and only 1 1/2 hours away. Her visit was great, and the kids had a lot of fun playing, or at least it sounded that way (they made a lot of noise together). She brought a lot of JaneAnn's old clothes for Olivia, and I sent her with outfits Olivia had already grown out of, so she could give them to our friend Holly, who just had a baby. Yup that's what I call the Mommy exchange. We had Tomato soup and Grilled cheese for lunch, that was very yummy. I'm so glad she came, and I can't wait to see her again. Love ya Sarah.

Easter weekend was great! It started on Friday, because Jeremy and the kids had the day off. We went to the mall, Jeremy and the boys went to see Alice in Wonderland, and Olivia and I went shopping. Yup the fun of having a girl is starting already, because I now have someone to shop with. I got Olivia an Easter dress, and the boys Easter outfits. I was going to get myself a dress, but I didn't find one that I liked, so I decided to just stick with that dress I wore to Jeremy last homecoming.

The next day we got up early and drove down to Ocean City. My only wish is that it was warmer. We still had a good time though. We play some games at the arcade, walked the board walk, and got some yummy lunch. Unfortunately Zachary throw up during lunch. Poor little guy. We didn't know he wasn't feeling well, but after him getting sick everywhere I felt his head, and he did have a fever. We went home shortly after that, but on the way home we stopped by this old book store in Trappe. It's called Unicorn Books, and Jeremy found me an old copy of The World Of Pooh (I love Pooh). Jeremy loved the store, and he can't wait to go back and "hunt."

The next morning (Easter), Zachary was feeling better, and we went to church, and of course because it was Easter it was packed. Gotta love those people who only go to church on Easter. Jeremy's parents and Aunt Christen came over after church, and we had lunch, or maybe it was dinner beings it was around 3, by the time they got here. They live 2 hours away, and they left right after church so they really couldn't have been here any earlier. The boys had a ton of fun playing with Poppop and Aunt Chrisen, they were sword fighting, and there was a lot of laughing.

Monday Nathaniel was sick with the same thing Zachary had on Saturday. Poor buddy, that was not fun.

Tuesday the boys went back to school (spring break was over) and I took Olivia to the doctor, she now weighs 11lbs, and she is doing great. Her muscle tone is great, and she is doing everything a 2 month-old should be doing. That always good to hear. Soon she'll be able to beat up her big brothers, but lets hope she doesn't. She is now sleeping through the night, and she has also been trying to turn over. She hasn't done it yet, but shes close.

Wednesday, I was sick with the thing.... It was awful, now I know how Zach and Nathan felt. It was really bad body aches, a fever, and nausea. I took it easy, and fixed the kids hot dogs for dinner, and Jeremy popped in a frozen pizza when he got home. He had to work long hours last week, and didn't get home until late.

I am now 100% better, so no need to worry. I had an easy weekend, and tomorrow is Nathaniel's birthday!! He'll be 4.... Wow! I can't believe it. Our plans are to let him open his presents tomorrow morning, then after we drop the boys off, we are going out to get a balloon, and then Nathaniel and I are going to bake a cake. It should be fun.


  1. LOVE the Easter outfits! Glad you're all feeling better! (Jealous you get to see Sarah. :))

  2. working on another diaper pouch. how's yours doing?

  3. I love it! Now nothing gets lost in the diaper bag!

  4. You guys are funny :) Had so much fun with you guys....have to plan some trips...