Thursday, January 21, 2010

First winter in 3 years

Okay so I know that in one of my post I was complaining about the cold weather and getting use to it again, and so I thought I would write a little about how my first winter in 3 years is going... Let me first start by saying, that I have always been more of a summer person. I would rather have it too hot, than too cold. My last winter was the winter of 06-07, we live in Hampton, VA, than in May of 07 we moved to San Diego, and I had 2 years of summer! So yes my first real winter in almost 3 years. So far it has snowed 3 feet all-together, and rained way to much, and it has been way to windy. How ever, there are some things I do like about winter, so maybe if I list them I'll feel better. I like... Winter sweaters, and wearing hats, scarfs and cute winter jackets. I love a warm fire, and hot cocoa. I like looking at snow, and I do like playing in it... That's about it though, and here is what I don't like. I hate having to get into a cold car. I hate really strong wind. I hate trying to get around in snow. I hate having to get frost and snow off of my car. I hate how my skin and lips get so dry. Shall I go on? I'm starting to wonder... Did I really grow up in this crazy place? It gets really really hot in the summer, and really really cold in the winter. Wow that's just crazy. I know that soon I'll get use to it all over again, but until then I'm going to vent, and thanks for reading.

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