Friday, October 2, 2015

Do You Wanna Build A Tardis?

So for Christmas I wanted to get my youngest two (Nathaniel and Olivia) a Tardis. They love the show Dr. Who, and Olivia has been asking for her very own Tardis, so I was thrilled when I found this on Think Geek. True at the time when I found it, it was sold out, but that was in August, and it had the whole "Est. 6-9 weeks" thing, so I thought I had nothing to worry about. I was even more thrilled when the "Est. 6-9 weeks" turned into "Est. 9/30". Naturally I marked the calendar, told the site to e-mail me once it came in, and checked it everyday just in case.

So on 9/30 (2 days ago), I woke up all excited and checked my e-mail... nothing from Think Geek... "Maybe it will be in later today" I think to myself. I go and check the site anyways, and to my great disappointment the "Est. 9/30" has turned back into "Est. 6-9 weeks"... ... *sad face ... ... *cry. A quick online search showed me that everyone who had ever carried this product is sold out, and has been sold out, so I do what any normal person who do, check eBay. They had one used one going for 40 BGP which is roughly $60. So I went for it. I put in the maximum bit that I was willing to spend on it (the shipping was $37, so I took that into account), and I was out bid... crap... The only known Tardis in the whole universe (or at least this galaxy), that's for sale, and I lost out on it.

After picking myself up off the parenthood floor, I got the idea that maybe I could make one. I see the Mythbusters make things out of PVC pipe all of the time, and it looks do-a-ble, and I thought PVC pipe would be perfect for the frame. Here is what I came up with...

List of things I'm going to need

as far as sewing goes this is my plan

Well wish me luck, and if this gets off the ground I will post more about it.

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