Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Legates Family is Moving... AGAIN!

I'm sure you are hopping that the title holds some news as to where we are going, but I am sad to say, that not even this blog post holds any shred of evidence as to where we may end up. We received the news two weeks ago. Although I was hopping that by this time I would have received more news such as where, or what exactly is happening, so that way I could share it here, or at least with my family and friends, but I have nothing else to report on that matter.

I'm just going to explain why we are in this situation in the first place. Back in February my husband passed out on the way to work. Thank goodness he walks to work instead of drives (you can read all about that on this post). Face planting on the sidewalk and the headaches that followed after that disqualified him from his rate (job) in the Navy. That was okay though because they were going to let him apply for three other rates, and most likely one of them would pick him up. It was all supposed to happen like this... He would get pick up by his new rate in January, go off to a school for it, come back a few months later, and maybe we would move at the end of all of that if they were going to send us elsewhere. Which meant if we were going to be moving, than we would move sometime next summer... maybe. I really should known by now that nothing ever happens the way you expect it to, or at least not when you husband is in the military.

What really happened was two of the three rates that Jeremy (my husband) applied for, he was already medically disqualified for (because of the same reasons). This is of course was something the detailer (the person helping him with all of this) forgot to mention, so of course those two rates said no, and the third was over manned, so no again.

Now what? Yes that was my exact thought as you can imagine. I should also note that we had been waiting for news on this since August, because that's when the paper work was sent. Waiting to hear some news since August, and we finally hear some, and it's... "You can't have those rates, and we still don't know what we are going to do with you."

So what now? Well one of two things is going to happen. My husband is now on the needs of the Navy status, meaning they will find a rate for him that he is qualified for and send him there as long as it's not over manned, or if they can't find one then they will discharge him. We were also told that if he doesn't like the rate that they pick out for him, then we has the option of getting out as well. We should have news soon, but in reality we should have had news by now.

I'm not worried if we get out, Jeremy had a friend who got out a few weeks ago, did the same job in the Navy as him, and had a ton of job offers. I'm also now worried if we say in. I'm use to the crazy lifestyle that comes with having a husband in the service, and I've enjoyed the adventures we've been able to partake in. I do not however want to say here, and it's not because of the rain. No that's only part of it. It's because of the homeschool laws (mostly, there maybe a few other reasons like area and there being nothing here, but mostly homeschool laws). I would like to move to a state where they trust you enough to homeschool your kids without having to check your work every week or making you take a three month long course in order to homeschool. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind them checking our work, but every week is a lot, and not being able to follow my own curriculum is the worst.

I love my children and I want them to be themselves (just the way God made them), and learn the best way possible for them, and I feel like right now, it's just not happening.

I'm sorry I don't have anymore news, but I will update this once I know something. Please continue to pray for our family, and thank you for your prayers so far.

We are just trusting God with get us though this, and off to a new place that we will love.

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