Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is it still Monday?

Last Monday (the 10th), started just like every other Monday. My husband woke early so he could go to the gym with his division, and I woke up a few mins before 7am, just as Jeremy was coming home from working out. Everything was ordinary. My sons grumped at each other while passing the milk around, and I sat on the couch wondering when Olivia was going to grace us with her presence. Jeremy showered, shaved, and dressed quickly so he could walk to work, just like every other morning. I remember him giving me a kiss, and I remember locking the door after he left. The snow was almost all melted from the day before, and a light mist had started outside (yeah it's Washington).

About an hour and a half after he left I received a call from a fellow sailor in his division saying that he hadn't show up for work yet, and they were worried, because this was very unlike him. Well if they were really worried just think how worried I was at this point. I was told not to panic (a nice suggestion but at the time it didn't sink in), and that he may have arrived at work, but no one had seen him yet. Well 15 minutes later I get a call from Harrison Medical Center, saying that he is there, and they wouldn't tell me much else over the phone. The person over the phone also tells me, that I don't need to rush over there because he's in good hands (Yeah right, like I'm going to stay home and just chill out now).

While the kids and I are getting ready to go Jeremy's cell phone rings, and it's another sailor from Jeremy's division. I tell him where Jeremy is, and he tells me that he was re-tracing Jeremy's walk, and he was almost to our house and wondered if I wanted him to come with us. At this point I thought it couldn't hurt, and that it was really nice of him to offer. This really helped when we got to the hospital because there wasn't any parking in sight, so while the kids and I went inside to find Jeremy, he parked the car for us.

After finding him, the doctors told me that he had either black out, or fallen down and hit the sidewalk really hard, and he may have a mild concussion. He was awake but not very responsive. It wasn't until after they decided to transfer him to the naval hospital and admit him, that he started coming around and acting more like himself. Thats when he asked me why he was in the hospital and if it was still Monday. After I explained he asked if his chief knew. "Yes everyone at work knows, in-fact a few of them are here, and Doc is on his way." A sarcastic wonderful was all he said to that.

When the ambulance came to transfer him, the kids and I stopped back at the house, to get our school books and iPad, before meeting Jeremy at the naval hospital. From that point things seemed to be going well. The boys did their school work, Olivia played in the iPad, and Jeremy and I chatted and joked around (just like we do at home). At lunch the kids and I went downstairs to get subway (yes this hospital had a subway in it), and when we came back Jeremy was sleep, so I woke him. He opens his eyes makes a confused face and asks me once again "Why am I in the hospital?" Yes I got the honer of telling him all over again, and also worrying if he was going to forget and ask every time he woke up. "Is it still Monday? Did you tell my chief?".... .... "Yes dear, it is still Monday, and no need to worry everyone from work knows you are here." I'll have to admit though at this point I had to also ask myself if it was still Monday. I told the doctors about the lapse in memory, but they didn't seem worried. That still didn't make me feel any better.

By 4pm Jeremy was insisting that I take the kids home and get some rest. He assured me that he was in good hands (yeah right). I didn't want him to fall asleep and wake up without me there. Who else would explain to him what happened and why he was there again. However the kids did need to eat soon, and I was very tired at this point. So yes I went home and basically crashed (on the couch, not in the car :)  ).

Apparently while I was home "CRASHING" Jeremy's doctor on the boat and the doctor at the hospital were having a discussion (right in front of him) on weather he'd be more relaxed at home or on the boat. She (meaning the hospital doctor) was under the impression that with four kids in the house no one would ever be able to relax, so she thought giving him time off would be useless. I later told Jeremy (after he told me about this conversation), that she better be glad she didn't say that in front of me. I'm sorry but I can't stand people judging our family and my kids especially when they don't know us, and don't know how incredible awesome and well behaved my kids are. Luckily Jeremy's doctor from the boat and his XO insisted that he stay at home until they figure out why he black out in the first place. Which was another conflict with the hospital doctor because she believed that Jeremy had just tripped and fell. The problem with that theory was that Jeremy had no abrasions on his hands, and if you are in the process of tripping and falling, you are going to put your hands up to stop yourself (yes at this point Jeremy still couldn't remember what happened, in fact he couldn't even remember getting up and working out that morning). Needless to say I didn't really like his hospital doctor.

The next morning I got to the hospital at a little after 7:30pm. Jeremy seem to remember everything after lunch time from the day before (thank goodness). He tells me that he had visitors last night, some friends from work, Doc, and the OX. The OX was super nice and brought him a bag of snacks. I was touched, and felt like crying. The doctor came in not long after I had gotten there, and told us that they were getting the discharge paperwork together. I was like, "Awesome I just got here, and now I get to take him home." ... ... Yeah we ended up waiting two hours for paperwork. That's hospitals for you. Once I got him home though, we had a wonderful day. Jeremy and I reading and napping on our couch, while the kids played downstairs and watch Sofia The First.

Jeremy's doctor from the boat made a house call that next morning to check up on Jeremy and tell him that his first day back would be Tuesday (today), but that he would be put on light limited duty for a few weeks. Also good news.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and for your calls and messages, all of your words of encouragement were wonderful, appreciated, and needed. I'm glad he is safe, well, and okay.

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