Saturday, February 1, 2014

it's my little girl's 4th birthday

It's here again, my daughter's birthday. Does she have to grow up so fast?

No matter how crazy your life is, or how much work you have to do for your kids, they grow up too fast, and you're always a little sad every birthday. God has blessed me with wonderful children, that I'll never fully deserve. Happy birthday my very sweet and only daughter, my 4th wonderful gift from God, given on this day 4 years ago.

Olivia current favs
Favorite toy(s) : Her 2 bears Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Favorite thing to play : Princess
Favorite thing to eat : Chicken Nuggets
Favorite TV show : Lazy Town
Favorite color(s) : Pink and Purple
Favorite place to visit : the play ground
Favorite book : Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter
Favorite movie : Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Fairy Wings

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