Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hanging at the Y

Hey everyone, sorry about the gap in post. We have been keeping ourselves super busy, so I haven't had much time to post.

We re-joined the YMCA and the kids have all started swim lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My sons are really lucky, we were able to sign up for a swim class that starts at 11:05 am on both of those days. It's a class that is set aside just in case there are homeschooled kids. My sons are the only ones in that class, so they get the instructor all to themselves. They love that, and she has them jumping in the deep end right now. During the boys' lessons I take Olivia to the child care. She loves it there, they do classes like yoga and dance, and she gets to play with other kids. This gives me some time to myself (30 mins... SWEET). I usually jump on the elliptical or run on the track, but last week I brought some hot tea, and I read my kindle (that was awesome). I was like a guilty pleasure, because I should have been working out :).

Olivia's swim class isn't until 4:35 pm, and during that time the boys do fit kids. Fit kids is like a gym class, they play tag, dodge ball, red rover,... The boys really enjoy it, and it also has some advantages for me, because if they don't finished their school work in-time, I can make them miss it :). Nathaniel and Zachary (mostly Zachary), like to goof-off during school work, so they end up taking all day on something that should have only taken them an hour. So if they don't finish on time, I make them take their work with them, and I make them do it while watching Olivia's swim class (hehehehehe) (it's like a school work motivator). Olivia loves her swim class, but I am starting to feel sorry for the teacher. Olivia is convinced she can swim, but she can't keep herself completely up yet... but she still thinks she can. Olivia spends most of the class trying to sneak pass the instructor, so she can swim on her own. I think I ended up apologizing quite a few times during the first class. I really hope she use to this, and doesn't think Olivia is to much of a handful.

Olivia is turning 4 this Saturday (yikes). I find this really hard to believe. She can't be 4 already, can she? Time really does fly when you become a parent. Your kids grow up so fast. She has requested rainbow cupcakes for her birthday, which is great because they are pretty easy, and look awesome. I'll post some pictures on my Facebook of the cupcakes. We got her a Merida bow (from the movie Brave, she already has the dress), and a Little Mermaid dress up outfit for her birthday (I still need to wrap them). I am also going to post pictures of her presents on Facebook.

We are also planning for another vacation in May. It's going to be a trip down the coast of California. We are going to be Stopping in San Francisco, Anaheim, San Diego, Sacramento, and the red wood forest. I don't have all of the details yet or the dates, but I will keep you guys posted. I'm really excited!

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