Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Currently Crocheting...

Hi guys, so this is just a post to catch you guys up on my current crochet projects, and the ones I have just completed.

Back in September in my Co-op has started again post, I told you about the blankets I was making for my four children, and how they pick out all of the colors themselves. Well I am happy to say that they are finished!

This is Darien's, he wanted Slytherin colors (yes he is a big Harry Potter fan, and yes he is a Slytherin)
This is Zachary's. Zach is our crazy child so these colors really go with his personality
 This is Nathaniel's, his favorite color is red, and he picked that and two colors that go well with it.
This is Olivia's, she is currently crazy for all things purple and pink.

As much as I enjoyed making these for them, I'm so glad they are finished. :)

This whole blanket for each of them started after I made a blanket for myself...
Okay yes I know, not everyone like these colors, but I do. :)

I have done a few blankets before, in the past, and they are always the ones everyone wants when it get cold.

So when my kids asked me to make them each a blanket, I thought why not.

Right now I am working on a granny squares blanket. I've never done one before, and it looked like fun. I learned how to do the granny squares by watching this video. This is what I have done so far...

Yes it's going to be rainbow. Why? Well I've always loved rainbows (my fav show when I was little was Rainbow Brite), and my daughter really likes rainbows too, so why not right?

I'm also still working on a blanket for Jeremy (my husband). After I started making the kids blankets, he decided that he wanted one too, but I've only gotten this far...

Jeremy also picked out his colors (yes he likes purple :) ). I wish I could have finished it sooner for him.

Well there they are. I'll let you guys know when I'm finished with the granny squares and Jeremy's blanket. :)

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