Sunday, July 7, 2013

July fireworks... Getting kicked by a three year old... and better curls

Okay so first off, YAY finally a new blog post. Things have been a little boring around here, so I'm having to combine a few things to make a post. Huuummmm out of the three I wonder which one you want to hear about most? Well I'm starting in order.

July fireworks

In most cases this would be called 4th of July fireworks, but since the people of Bremerton have been setting them off every night since the month started (I'm not kidding, I heard some last night), I'm going to stay with July fireworks. I'm really not sure what the policy is around here, about shouting off your own fireworks, but a lot of people were doing it.

Officially we went to see them on the 3rd in Poulsbo. We heard that they were letting people park at the movie theater for free to see the fireworks, and that the theater was a great place to view them, because the fireworks were being set off down by the bay. So we get there, and face our car toward the bay. We check online as to when they are going to start (really should have done that before leaving), and it's not until 10:15. WHAT?? Okay, but that make sense and here's why. Since we are in the northwest, we have longer days in the summer then the rest of the U.S., and shorter in the winter. Like Alaska haveing sunlight all day in the summer (all 24hr), and little to no light in the winter. Here it isn't that extreme, but the sun raises here around 5:30 and set at 9:30 (ish) (during the summer anyways). So yes I guess the waiting until 10:15 makes sense. We saw a lot of fireworks while waiting, because of random people setting them off.

10:15 comes around, and all of us get out of the car, and move to the grass, and we wait. They didn't end up starting until 10:30 (I guess it's a good thing I made Olivia take a nap earlier). So they finally set them off, and we can't see them very well, because instead of setting them off down by the water, they were setting them off a few buildings down for us, and those buildings were blocking the view. YUP!

We decided to head home early, because we weren't seeing much.

On the 4th we were happy to hear that they were going to set off the fireworks in downtown Bremerton. We were able to see them from our house. Yay, a lot better, and they set them off earlier. I guess if we would have known that in the first place, than we wouldn't have gone to Poulsbo.

That night was awful though. We went to bed around 10, and can't get to sleep until after 12, all because of those crazy people and their fireworks. There were also a lot of sirens. Great!

So yeah that was our 4th :P

Getting kicked by a three year old

So a few days ago (I think it was the 2nd), I was downstairs (in the basement) and I hear Nathaniel crying. Now this was not a normal I'm upset cry, this one was an "I think someone is trying to kill me" kind of cry. I rush upstairs and find Nathaniel, holding his month, and blood all over his hands, so my first reacting is "What in the world just happened?" and Nathaniel's response is "Olivia kicked me." I'm standing there thinking, okay there is no way that is true, she's three, and you're seven. So I ask Darien (mean while I'm getting Nathaniel to rinse out his month), and he saids he didn't see. WHAT THE CRAP... he was in the room, he is my only liable witness, and he doesn't know. So I get Nathaniel cleaned up, but from what I can tell (there was still a lot of blood), he only cut his lip. "Well how did that happen?" I asked "I was laying on the couch and she kicked me so hard that I rolled off and hit the coffee table." Okay that makes more sense, but I'm still not sure I believe it. "Did her kick make you fall, or were you trying to be dramatic?" His only response was... "What?"

Yeah I didn't get anything else out of anyone about it, so I just let it go. Two days later, the side of his face was really swollen, so I take another look, and wow... from what I could see it looked as if his gums were scraped up around his front teeth. So that's why there was so much blood. I ended up taking him to the doctor, and I am happy to report that he will heal, but it will take a few weeks. I still don't really know what happened. Maybe Olivia is strong enough to kick him off the couch.

This is Nathaniel on the 4th. As you can see, his face is swollen (on his right side, your left). He wasn't feeling to good that night, and he didn't want to eat his pizza. I ended up making him soup, and I'm glad he was able to eat that.

Better curls

I've always had wavy hair, but it mostly frustrated me, because it was so hard to get any of my waves or curls to show. In order to get them to show I had to use a lot of moisturizer, if I didn't and I just let it dry without it, my hair would get frizzy. This also got worse when I moved back to the west cost (because of climate change).

Back in January I went to Sally's and told the lady (who was working there at the time), all of the problems I was having. She recommended I try Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl. She said that she had tried it, and that it really helped her with her moisture problems. Keratin Kurl formula is for curly/wavy hair, and they also have a formula for straight. At the time she mentioned that it was sulfate free, but I didn't really know what that meant.

It turns out that sulfates are a fuller, that most shampoos have in them, but they are known to cause dryness and skin irritation. Wow, so yeah... Why are they in my shampoo?

The bottle (the new shampoo) ended up costing me $8.99, and I have never in my life spent that much on a bottle of shampoo... so I was really hoping that it would work. I am happy to report that it did, and really well. From the first use I had curls showing up that I didn't even know I had. The bottle ended up lasting me about two months, so I'm fine with paying the price. This also had me looking at all of my products like soap, lotion, deodorant, ext... to see how many more of them had sulfate in them. Guess what... all of them did. So that's why my skin is always dry. I really feel like I need to switch all of them now.

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