Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Vacation!

The tile of this post has very little to do with the post. It's just there for the obvious, that yes it is summer vacation time. This post is mostly just an update and some interesting put together information, although it may not be that interesting to some people. I don't really know. I feel like I haven't posted a real post in some time, and now it is time to post something (I guess).

Potty Training success!

Okay I know, it took me long enough, but I have finally potty trained Olivia. This happen about two weeks ago (I think...). I just finally got rid of all of the diapers, and only dressed her in big girl underwear, and if I was going to have to change her 14 times a day and do her laundry twice a day, than that was how it was going to be. The first two days it did go like that and it was very discouraging, but on the third day, she got the hang of it. It really came out of nowhere and she knew just what to do. The days following that, I just had to remind her every hour to go, because she wouldn't go all on her own. Now she does, she knows when to go, and I can take a sigh of relief.

I kept wishing that during the whole process I had kept a journal from how I taught the boys, because I just couldn't remember. I remember the boys not being easy to teach, but I don't remember what finally did it in the end. Nathaniel is four years older than Olivia so I guess that's why I don't remember (I also think it maybe due to the fact that I was pregnant with Olivia when I potty trained Nathaniel, and it's hard to remember things when you are pregnant).

Yay! it is over! No more diapers for us. I am so happy!

Sippy Cups are history

Along with the potty training I was able to get her to give up sippy cups as well. I know it's been a big week (or two weeks). She has been using a regular cup here and there for about a year (really only at dinner time), but for breakfast, lunch, and bed time she had to have the sippy cup (especially at bed time). I finally got tired of having to wash and track down these things, because she left them everywhere. Now we have fully switched and throwing those sippy cups away was awesome (FINALLY!). I'm sure a lot of you moms can relate.

Yay! I'm also glad this is over.

Pirates have our remote

This interesting story dates back to about two months ago, when our remote went missing. We bought a new tv in the fall, and it's a 3D, smart tv with aps, so a regular universal remote wasn't going to fix the missing remote problem. Our main suspect for the missing remote was Olivia (yeah of course), so we kept asking her "Do you know where the tv remote is?" and she would tell us "The pirates took it. They have a boat and monsters, and they also took the princess." I'm not kidding, she said that. She kept pointing to our fire place and saying that the pirates live in there. Now of course this made us think that maybe she put the remote in the fire place. The good new was we hadn't lit a fire in months, but the bad news was after looking all over and around the fire place, we still couldn't find it. We ended up turning the house upside down, and found nothing. We finally had to order another remote from the manufacture. Yup all of this just because some pirates took our remote. :)

Garden Success!

Remember this photo...

Well it's more like this now...

They have grown so much! I planted Sweet peas, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Bell peppers, and Broccoli. So far I have picked about 6 strawberries. I'm just so happy that everything is growing, and that it all looks so healthy. I'm sure I'll have more good news about this later. :)

School year is OVER!

Yeah I had to write about this one. We finished the work about a month ago, but since last week was the last day of co-op, I guess we can now call the school year officially over. Their poor lunch boxes were so dirty on the outside, last time I packed them. My thoughts were, thank goodness this is the last time. Their drink containers bit the dust a few weeks ago, so I had to save some old Gatorade bottles just to get us through the last few weeks. Yes next year I am starting over with new drinking bottles. Do you ever feel like that? Like "Thank goodness this is over, because I didn't think this curtain item would last much longer." It's like that curtain item was about to die, and you just needed it to last for one last week, or one last event, then it could fall part, and it wouldn't matter.

So I guess the big question is "Are we doing any school work over the summer?" Well... only a little. I know... Is that wrong of me? It's only about an hour a day of work on Monday - Thursday. I have some math for them to practise, and some small writing projects. The last thing I want is for us to start the next school year unprepared. 

I get to go to a curriculum sale tomorrow, and I am super excited. I love used books sales, and that could be any kind of used books. Jeremy has duty tomorrow, and so I have to take the kids :P... I guess I could put them to work to help me out, so it doesn't get too crazy. I'll let you know how it goes.

Okay well that is all I have to update on. Thank you for reading :)

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