Monday, January 14, 2013

Going out... need to dress like Muggles

Hey everyone! Happy new year!

I just wanted to write a quick post about a little joke the kids and I share. Perhaps you and your children do something similar (please share if you do).

Since I homeschool the kids and I don't always get a chance to go out everyday, because of this we tend to dress down. We like to wear comfy clothes and not care how we look (to a certain degree).

I like to wear my yoga pants with a comfy sweater, and the boys like to wear sweat pants (that may be a tiny bit to short around the ankles and a little worn at the knees) and a favorite tee (most of the time these tees are loved and worn).

All of this really doesn't make a difference, because we'll be at home, and even if we go out in the backyard, we'll have our jackets on, and our yard is fenced. No one is going to see us. We like it this way. We are big nerds and we like to read and play video games, and for exercise we get the few exercise videos that we have. This just works for us, I like to keep things simple.

So on the days we have to go out like on Co-op day, Commissary day, Homeschool check day, or on the weekends I tell the kids that they have to dress like Muggles (Muggles are from Harry Potter, they are people who can't use magic). To them this means "Go and find a shirt suitable for the weather we are having, and one that fits. Go find some jeans. ones that fit around the waist and go past your ankles. Put on socks!" On a normal day my kids hate to ware socks. I'm not sure where this comes from because I love socks!


I know this is short and I'll have a real post soon, but thanks for reading and if you want please share a fun joke that you have between you and your kids. If you tell me something really funny I'll share it in an upcoming post :)

Also... Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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