Friday, December 28, 2012

Time off for Christmas

Hey guys, I'm back, and I'm here to tell you all about our Christmas. It was awesome! Jeremy (my husband), took leave and it was great. His leave started on the 18th and today is his first day back at work. Having him home for all of that time was great, he organized the playroom and the livingroom. He also decorated and organized the boys' room. It was all his idea as well. His leave basically started with him saying "On my time off I would like to organize everything and finally decorate the boys' room." I normally don't ask him to clean or do any of this stuff when he is home, because he works a lot, and his job isn't the easiest, so when he's home, I let him relax. It also surprises me, when he takes his well earned off time, to help me out. I really wish now that I had taken before and after photos, because he did a great job. I really married an awesome guy. :)

Okay so organizing isn't all we did during his leave. We took the ferry to Seattle, and that was fun. Seattle is a nice city, it's one of the better kept ones. I'm not saying it's as beautiful and well kept as San Diego, but it's still pretty good (I may also be a bit partial to San Diego). We had a few errands to run in Seattle, because our Ipad broke, and Jeremy wanted to get a gift for himself at the Nike store. The ferry takes an hour, and that doesn't include waiting and docking time. It also takes and hour to drive to Seattle, so on our way back we just drove. The Apple store (in Seattle), was in this awesome shopping center near the college. While we were waiting to get our Ipad fixed (or in our case, replaced) we got cupcakes at this place called Trophy Cupcakes. They were awesome! I got eggnog (of course). I really like eggnog, and pretty much eggnog anything. I love to drink eggnog, I love to bake recipes with eggnog in them, and I love Bigelow's Eggnogg'n Tea. I was really sad the day after Christmas, because I couldn't find eggnog anywhere :(. I guess this eggnog season is over.

We also made a lot of great food, and baked a lot of cookies. We relaxed at home, and played video games. It was a blast! We told the kids that we would let them open their presents a day early if they beat us at poker... and they took us to the cleaners. It was us against them, and it was their first time playing. It was really Zachary who kept getting us, he has a really good poker face. Yes it's really embarasing, but I'm also kind of proud of him, so what can I do? I my head it like "Wow I was beaten by a 8 year old." but it's also like "Wow my son is an awesome poker player."

So yes we opened the presents on Christmas eve. We got them some lego sets, build your our robot sets, super hero dress up stuff (fairy dress up for Olivia), action figures (little people for Olivia), and books. They love to read. I was really happy and excited about the gifts we pick out this year. We also got snow on Christmas day! It didn't stay long, because the rain washed it away (yeah what a surprise). I'm so thankful for this time off, it was such a blessing. :)

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