Monday, December 3, 2012

Date night, found a new church, and I broke our Wii U

Hi again!

So I'm sure that you read the title and I'm sure I know which subject you are most interested to hear about, but I'm going to start with date night, and you'll have to wait to hear about the Wii U.

Date night!

Jeremy and I went on  a date! Can you believe it? I actually should have put this in my last post since it happened the day before Thanksgiving, but I just forgot to mention it. A few weeks ago, we hired a babysitter (YAY). We found her on sitter city, and we did an interview before hiring her. She is also a navy wife, but they don't have any kids yet, just a puppy. She was really nice and seemed up to the job. So yes on the 21st she came and watched the kids. Jeremy took me out to dinner, and the to the movies to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I loved the movie, it was awesome. I think it was the best out of all of the Twilight movies. This was also my first time going to a movie since we moved here. We went to the downtown theater, and it was really nice. When we came home, Sarah (our babysitter), was doing the dishes, and she said the kids were really good, and that she had a lot of fun. I think she's a keeper :). Jeremy and I are going to try to go out like that once a month (which would be super awesome). I loved the break and I just loved how I was able to sit in a theater with my husband, and enjoy a movie. A few hours of freedom can do wonders.

Okay so about the Wii U...


This happened on friday, which was a very hard day for me. Jeremy has been working like crazy, and he hasn't been coming home until 8pm, and this is after starting his work day at 6am. Also on top of that he is on 3 section duty, which means every third day he has duty, and has to stay on the boat over night. On Friday the kids (the boys mostly), were really rambunctious. They were bad, and just not listening, so I sent them to bed early (the boys anyways), which is something I hardly never do, and lately I've been letting them stay up later, so they could spend more time with their dad. I did it anyways, then settled down with Olivia to watch a movie (because she was really good that day). So Jeremy gets home, and shortly after we put Olivia down. Jeremy mentions that he wants to play Zombie U, so we go down stairs to do so. After about 10 mins, he's bored with it, and I ask if we can play Nintendo land, because I had not played that yet. So we do, and we are having so much fun... until... Jeremy hands me the gamepad controller, and in the process of handing it over I dropped it and it hits the corner of the coffee table. Now I thought it was alright, so I just picked it up, and was ready to play...


but... yeah this is what I saw...

Yeah... I was shocked... Really shocked... My mouth fell open, and it stayed like that for a few minutes. Then the crying came. I just broke the Wii, something my kids love dearly, and play often, and I'm the one who broke it. I didn't have to play. I could have just watched Jeremy, that would have been fine. I felt so bad, about the wii and even about sending them to bed early. What they did seemed so little compared to what I just did. How could I? Why wasn't I more careful? By this time Jeremy is already on the Internet researching the matter. "They don't sell that gamepad separately, and they are not going to anytime soon." Is what he told me. This made me cry more. Why wouldn't Nintendo sell it separately? Don't they know that accidents happen? So long story short, we ended up getting a new one, but note to self and anyone else out there, the gamepad screen can break easily. 

New Church

So I've been trying out Churches here, still trying to find one I like and one were I fit it. I don't know about you guys, but I find it really hard to fit in. I think a lot of people just don't understand me, and they really don't want to try either, and that doesn't leave out good church going people apparently. But this past Sunday I really hit it out of the park. We tried Westside Baptist, and everyone there was super nice. The pastor can up and talked to me after the service, and told me that 80% of the families were homeschooling (just like us). He also introduced me to some of the other Homeschooling moms. Yay! I really need some local mom friends, I have really been struggling in that area since we moved here. So I think I'll be going back next week :)

Okay well that's all for now, thanks for reading :)

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