Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is hard... at times

So the last two weeks have been hard and stressful. Jeremy went back to work, and he is still adjusting, I started the boys on some summer work, and we have yet to fall into the right pattern with that, I attempted to potty train Olivia, but after two days, stopped and realized she wasn't ready yet, I'm working on getting Nathaniel's shot recorded all caught up, and I lost Zach's, I had a couple days when I wasn't feeling well, and the kids were really loud on those days, and there are a few other things, that I really don't want to get into right now. Okay yes I know, that was a long run-on sentence, and I'm sorry. Now I will explain all of it, or most of it.

-Jeremy went back to work about two weeks ago, and because he is still adjusting and his job isn't the easiest he was stressed, and because of that I was too (that's just how it happens, no wife likes to see her husband stressed). It's not his fault it's just the way things are.
-I started the boys on summer school work because they were bored, and when they are bored they tend to get into trouble. They also have subjects they need to work on. Nathaniel and Zach, need to both work on their reading skills, and Darien needs to work on his studying skills. Science, History, and Health have test and quizzes that you have to take notes and study for. Sometimes someone is lazy and thinks he doesn't need to, because... "I already know all of the answers." ... um no. So during the summer we are working on that. Not everyone is happy about it though (not a big surprise), so two of them are giving me a hard time (can you guess which two?).
-I was going to start potty training Olivia and I did try, but it went something like this... She has 12 pairs of underware, and she used all of them in one day before 2pm (and both days were like this). I just don't think she's ready.
-Nathaniel's shot record... now this is an interesting story. Right before we moved to Fort Meade (from San Diego), I stopped by the clinic (military clinic) to pick up a copy of Nathaniel's shot record to carry it with us (when moving you need to do that, and when switching to a new doctor) (I had everyone elses). They told me, they couldn't hand it to me (which I later on found out that was a lie), but they could mail it to me. Okay whatever, sure. It never made it. So when we lived in Maryland we were never able to get his 4 year old shots because I didn't have his records, and the clinic on Fort Meade wasn't able to pull them (despite both clinics being military clinics). So of course I sent in a request of records (several times) and called them many times, but they never sent them. It finally took Jeremy calling for anything to happen, and I just finally got them two weeks ago. So now we get to go through all of the fun of getting him all caught up.
-I couldn't find Zachary shot record. So after all I had to go through to get Nate's, I couldn't find Zach's. I had everyones records in a folder that I carried with me in the car (well all but Nathaniel's). So after finally getting Nathaniel's I open the folder to add it, and Zach's is missing... "NO"... Luckily the Naval hospital was able to pull them up for me. So that was taken care of.
-The loudness in the house has been a big issue lately. I'm not sure if it's because the house is older, so the walls are not as sound prof, but it's been bad. No matter how many times I tell the boys to be quiet when Olivia is sleeping, they always end up waking her up. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I just don't get it. Okay yes we need to start working on self control.

During all of this is when I felt like curling up in bed, and crying my eyes out. Have you ever felt like that? Sure Randi, you can take the stress of moving across country, but you can't take a few days of your house being out of order. I know this may seem silly to you, but I'm not telling you all of these things to get your sympathy, because everyone goes through hard times, and yours may even be worse than mine. I'm sharing these things with you to show you that this is normal, and you are not alone, everyone has hard times. So I'm going to share with you a story that my sunday school teacher told us (back in the day)... something I should have remembered during all of this.

There once was a traveler walking along the road carrying a large heavy backpack. Then came along a guy driving a pick-up truck. He stopped and told the traveler to hop in the back, and he would give him a ride. The traveler did so, but still wore the back pack. The driver told the traveler he could take it off and lay it down, there was plenty of room, but the traveler insisted on keeping it on, even though it was heavy and hurting his back.

We are like the traveler, when we are stressed and we insist on carrying that stress with us, even though we have God who will take care of us, and help us. Sometimes we forget or we want to do it all, and we don't have to. We don't need to worry about tomorrow, or stress out about the little things that pledge us. Stress is bad, it ages us, and makes our hair fall out, and makes us snappy, grumpy, and scary.

So as a lesson to me, and all of you, take a chill pill and give your troubles to God. :)

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