Monday, February 13, 2012

Super bowl and pink eye

Hey everyone! Yes I know what you guys are thinking... "Randi the super bowl was over a week ago, and you're just now telling us about it?" ... and yes you are right, but the second part of the title should give you a hint of why it took me longer to post this. First things first though, let me tell you about my super bowl day.

Let me start off by saying, it was much better than last year :) My little brother Wesley, and his fiance Jessica came over to watch the super bowl with us, and just hang out. We played Monopoly and Jessica won (but it was a close game between her and Wesley... I didn't stand a chance). We played Mario Party, or more accurately Wesley and Jess played it with the boys, and Jeremy and I watched (still very enjoyable). We ate pizza and chips (I love junk food, no use lying). Jessica discovered my Magic cards, and we played a few games (and she beat me again). All of this and then the super bowl. It was great we laughed at the funny commercials, made fun of the ones we didn't understand, and some just left us speechless (not always in a good way). I like Jess a lot, me and her are already becoming good friends... kind of sad that I have to leave in a few months :(...

Okay so the second part... Olivia had pink eye this week, and wow. At least I think it was pink eye, I really don't know. She had crusty eyes every time I woke her up, green stuff was coming out of her eye, and her eye was red (yes just the one eye, thank goodness), she had a fever the first day 100.1 (yes the pink eye lasted for more than one day, 5 to be exact). So now your asking... "Randi, why didn't you just take her to the doctor?"... Well that would have been an option if I didn't have to deal with the clinic on Fort Meade (do you guys remember this post?). Since I was able to control her temperature by tylenol, and it wasn't high, there was no way I was dragging her to that place. On the down side the first few days with this crazy pink eye, she was grumpy, and didn't want to nap (all of us moms of toddlers value the nap dearly). I felt really bad for her :(. On the bright side she is feeling better now :).

Well that's all for now thanks for reading :)

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