Friday, July 22, 2011

Why do I not remember?

Do you have a bad memory? Well I didn't think I did, but after today, I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe my biggest problem is I sugar coat everything in my mind, and try to make myself believe that I had a good time, or that things will always turn out great, even though they won't, and haven't in the past. You know what I mean? Okay I'll tell you about it.

My husband gets home yesterday, and says that there is an office picnic tomorrow. Now my husband works at a Meps station in the Navy office, now a lot of people work there, a lot of people Jeremy doesn't know, because he stays in the Navy office. So this was no small picnic.

My reaction was "Great can families come?" "Yeah everyone is going to bring there family" "Great we should go, picnics are great."

See I was thinking of the positives... Nice sunny day, Free good food, happy people, and the park has a play ground (that the kids already love, because we have been there before). What I forgot was the negatives... Heat wave on the east coast right now, bugs, the free good food at these events always takes forever, and trying to control a 17 month old little girl (who has a mind of her own). See I forgot that I really don't get a chance to enjoy my food at these things because I'm chasing her. My poor sweet husband even offers to hold her, and look after her, but I still can't enjoy myself, because I not feel bad for him... What is wrong with me?

So anyways, forgetting all of the bad things of past picnics, we set out, and I'm looking forward to it. The picnic was going to start at 11am, so we get there at 11am (forgetting that it wouldn't be time for food until later). No one is there at he knew, so we walk to the playground to wait. It was HOT. The east coat is going through this crazy heat wave right now. It was 100 outside, but because of the humidity it felt like 115 (yikes). So after playing for only a few minutes the kids were done. We ended up going to the car and waiting in the AC. At 12pm Jeremy spotted a few of his friends and we went over to the picnic area. He took Olivia and showed her around, and I sat at a table trying to enjoy the little breeze. That was great until the flies came. They were biting my legs like crazy (ouch)... and my kids legs (poor things). Yes I picked a great day to wear a dress. :( ... and I was also the one who told the kids to wear shorts (it was going to be really hot), Jeremy who was in pants wasn't bitten at all.

Pushing the fast forward button -> -> The food was served at 1pm. This was just in-time because I was suggesting to Jeremy that we just go home, and get food on the way. We did show up, and that should be good enough, especially on a day this hot. I get in line with the boys, and Jeremy keeps an eye on Olivia. The boys and I sit down, I take Olivia, and Jeremy gets his food (yes all of you parents of small ones know, this is how it has to happen). Okay bear with me, because this is how it was... I had one fork to my name, and she takes it, she doesn't want to eat, but she wants my fork. Then she picks up my drumstick and starts hammering on my plate with it. All the while the bugs are still biting me, and I was trying to eat fast before Olivia did something crazy. Poor Jeremy he thought I was going crazy... "No, Olivia please don't take that... Ouch these dang-on bugs... Olivia give me that... did anyone get a napkin?... Where is Olivia's cup?... No, Olivia don't throw that." Yeah... thats how it was... Is that how things go for you too? Okay well I'm going to remember this, and I am waiting at least 2 years before going to another picnic.

Have a nice day, and thank you for reading :)

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