Friday, January 28, 2011

Open up the heavens and let Your blessing pour out :)

So this post is about credit due. I have so much to thank God for and He has been very good to us. These past few weeks, as I have gotten more into His word, I have been noticing more of His blessing. Jeremy and I have started a Bible study, and we do it most every night, after putting our children to bed. We pray for them and God has answered our prayers. I have noticed a big difference in their behaviour since we started to pray for them every night. Now for the most part they are good kids, but lately they have been even better. They are now caring for each other more, and I really have God to thank for that. Nathaniel is no longer fighting me on doing his school work, and he has learned so much this past week.

We have also (all of us as a family), started to read proverbs on a daily bases. If you look at proverbs there are 31 chapters, so you read one each day and you read the one that matches that day of the month. Yes some months you won't finish the whole book. It's surprise how much God can speak to you from His word. I also have to give God even more credit, because He has really helped Jeremy with his work, and now Jeremy gets home at an even better time. Jeremy says that every day he ask God to help him at his job, and every day his needs are met. God has been great!

So we did a little moving...
This past weekend we moved the boys around, and the boys also helped us to weed the unused toys out of the playroom. See when we first moved into this house we put Darien bed down stairs in the play room. That was fine, but then a few months later we moved Zachary down there as well (just to try that out). That was okay, but we also wanted a room that we could turn into a guest room it need be. So the solution... Darien is the one with a double bed, and he is also that oldest so giving him that room upstairs is a better idea. This way if we do have guest, we can just put Darien downstairs in the playroom on the extra mattress (that we store in the garage), just for that night (or those nights). Zachary and Nathaniel are a little better at sharing a room, then any other combination. Why is that? Well Darien is a little controlling, so he and Nathaniel butt heads sometimes. Zachary likes to make lots of silly sounds, and Darien likes it quiet. So yes Zachary and Nathaniel get along well, and they both love sleeping in the play room.

Zachary's and Nathaniel's beds 

Darien's room (lego king)

Well that is all I have to report. Don't forget to count your blessing.    :)


  1. Your house looks so clean and organized!!! I love it! Love your blog too!!!

  2. Thank you Lisa... You know my house doesn't look like that all of the time... Not even most of the time. You know how it is having four kids.

    Love you sweet heart :)