Monday, November 8, 2010

What I want for Christmas is...

So I have been hearing a lot of Christmas wishing in my house lately. I'm sure all of you with kids have been as well. It has been a lot of "I want this for Christmas." and "Can I have that?"

Its also no big surprise that my kids have a few video games on their list. My oldest Darien, has a very big item on his list "The Lego Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle." Now I know Christmas is (to some degree) about making your kids happy, but to what extent?

This year I have been stressing to my kids the true meaning of Christmas, because this year I feel like they are all big enough (not counting Olivia) to understand. Of course they already knew the true meaning of Christmas, but this year I have been stressing it.

I don't want my kids to grow up thinking they can have whatever they want. If only life were that easy right? The thing is that, the big item that Darien wants is $130. Yeah, their is no way! Now if Darien were an only child and that was all he was getting then sure maybe (a big maybe, mind you), but no.

Now you may think (not all of you but some maybe) that maybe it's not fair, that he is not an only child, and that if he really wants it... I mean if an only child could have that for Christmas, then why can't a child with siblings?... It does seen kind of unfair right?... Wrong!!

This is where the frustration starts (kind of). See it's a gift from God to have siblings, I remember when I was little, that I always had someone to play with, and it was really nice. I remember playing Barbies with Mindy, and playing Cars with Wesley, and also remember playing stuffed animal with little Shelby (not so little anymore). When I was a kids I did everything with them, and that it was fun, and to have this particular gift, sometimes you have to make sacrifices (and they are well worth it). My children also have this blessing, and I want them to think of it as a gift. I told him the reason he can't have that item is because it's to much for just one item, and if I buy this one item, that only he wants, it's not fair to everyone else. I think he understands now. The real reason that he wanted it was because, he wanted all of the characters. This will be easily solved by buying two of the smaller, and less expensive sets. Yay for me!

See I have been seeing a big flaw in my generation, they are really selfish. They must have THIS car, and THAT computer, and they HAVE to have this, and WEAR that name brand, and have THIS furniture, and it's just sick. Why?... No wonder America has no money, it's because of them! They finance EVERYTHING, and then they don't have the money to pay for it, so the government does. Yeah that's right, and yeah that's what I think, and I am not going to let my children grow up acting and thinking like that. Take a stand America, and start raising your children right.

Okay I'm sorry I let this post go into they whole America spending problem, but I just want to remind all of you parents to focus on what's important, and teach your kids to do the same. Merry Christmas!

That is all thanks for reading :)


  1. Very Good Post Randi! Can't wait to see you all on Sunday! I Love You All!

  2. Vincent wants it too, and while not an only child, kinda like one. There is a less expensive Lego castle, one where it could be Harry Potter's Castle, it could be King Arthur's Castle, or Link's Castle..... :) Another idea, it will go down in price after the holidays, that thing used to be $180+ (this isn't the first year Vincent's wanted it). Another idea Mom, is you guys should MAKE Harry's castle, with posterboard, paint, or wood, etc. I made Vincent a desert for his transformers out of sand paper hot glued over mounds of cotton balls on a piece of foam board. By far, one of his favorite toys. Maybe, to help teach the spirit of Christmas, each boy could make a toy for another brother.