Thursday, August 12, 2010

We are celebrating...??...

Well that was my reaction when my husband came home with Sparkling Grape Juice and Hershey's Symphony bars (yup that is how we celebrate), and said "honey we are celebrating!" My first thought is "What could we be celebrating?" Now Jeremy had gotten home late, because his boss made chief, and they took him out, but we couldn't be celebrating that could we?

Jeremy: I have finally decided weather or not to re-enlist.

Randi: Really? That's great, so what did you decide?

Jeremy: I think it would benefit us the most, if I did re-enlist, so I am.

Randi: Okay then lets celebrate.

See we have been going back and fourth on this for quite some time, so it's nice that his mind is made up. It's a decision that I didn't want to make myself, because I could weigh the pros and cons for years and never get anywhere. Jeremy really feels that this is what God wants him to do, and this is also the path that is best for us. He also said that he felt so much better after he had decided, because he didn't have to think about it anymore. I myself think about 2 to 3 times a week, but Jeremy told me, that he thinks about it 2 to 3 times a day, and it's nice that it's over, and he knows what to do now. Yes a big load off of both of our minds. So where to next? Well who knows, but I look forward to seeing new places and meeting more wonderful people.

Home school
So every day with the boys I have been doing journal writing, and the last few days have been fill with Mommom's house and super Heroes and Villains. Tuesday I asked them to write about there favorite place to visit, and I really shouldn't have been surprised when they all wrote about Mommom's house. Well I guess going to see the grandparents and getting spoiled is fun. Yesterday they made up there own super heroes and wrote about them. Darien's was Bright Man, Zach's was Spaghetti Man, and Nathaniel's was Apple Worm Man. Today was make up your own super villain (and tomorrow we are supposed to write a story about the hero fighting the villain), Darien's villain was Darkness, Zach's was Pizza Man, and Nathaniel's was Hot Dog Man. Yes they should all be interesting fights.


  1. Yay congrats on your decision!! That is a hard one to make :)

  2. weren't we just talking about this :) Happy for you and your whole family!

  3. Randi, I am so proud of you! You are also a great writer! I love you all!