Monday, August 23, 2010

In San Diego with Jess

Yup I back from my trip. It was crazy and fun and I am very tired, but I do need to tell everyone about it (right?). So here it goes

In San Diego with Jess

-Day One (getting there is half the fun right?)-

Okay so I woke up early (6:30am) not being able to sleep any longer, and got everything started. I packed a few last minute things, and had some snuggle time with Olivia. My plane was leaving a 12:50pm, so I wanted to be at the airport by 11:00am. We got to the airport a little early (excited to leave), and I ended up sitting around and waiting. After checking in with security I got myself a snack, and sat down to watch the mythbusters on my Ipod. My first flight was to Newark, NJ and I had a 3 hour lay-over there (yeah fun). So I get to Newark, and I fly into the commuter terminal, and my other plane was going to leave from terminal C, so I have to take a bus (yes I HAD to do it this way) to terminal A, then take another bus to terminal C (yup FUN!). So I get to the gate that is on my ticket and on the monitors, and I sit for about an hour, then an announcement is made that the flight to San Diego has been moved to a different gate (at the other side of the terminal)(yup that's right). As I was getting there I notice a pigeon in the airport (just flying around)(interesting), and no one else seemed to notice him. I get on the plane (finally!), and it's full (completely), and because of that it took forever for everyone to get there stuff put away and sit down. After a long flight (that only had one working bathroom in coach) I land in San Diego at 8:35pm (their time), so on the east coast it was 11:35pm (I was super tired). As we were driving back to Jessica's place, the fireworks at Sea world were going off, and Claire (Jessica's oldest) asked "Why are they setting fireworks off momma?" and Jess said "Because Miss Randi's in town." (if only that were true) So I get to Jessica's place and crash, because I had been up forever and I tend to turn into a pumpkin after 10pm EST.

-Day Two (Shopping is fun, but you guys are grumpy)-

I woke up a 4:30am (7:30am EST) not being able to sleep anymore. I wonder why? That day we went shopping for Jessica wedding dress. We wanted to look in Ross, TJMaxx, Burlington coat factory, and Marshalls. It took looking in all of those to find it, and I was shopping with 2 very grumpy people (you know who you are). I guess I can cut them a break, they were stressed about the wedding and the planning. If it were up to them, they would just run off and elope. I kept telling them just to run to Vegas (just a 4 hour drive from San Diego), and I'd watch the kids. Back to the story.... We finally found one (yay!). I just needed to make a few alterations, and then it would be perfect. We got pick-up-stix for dinner (the only good Chinese on the whole coast that is west)(and they don't have any Pick-up-stix on the east coast). It was good, and I missed eating there.

-Day Three (Lets act like tourist, and lets all dress in Purple)-

Thursday was our day to play tourist (apparently Justin doesn't like that kind of thing), and see the things that I miss. First we went to Balboa Park, we played on the playground, walked through the Rose Garden, then all around the theater, we also played in some fountains, and saw some awesome Japanese Koi Fish. We also took some great pictures, and they are up on facebook. Next they took me to the Cabrilmo monument, on Point Loma, right next to the light house. We walked all around the monument and light house, but I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to walk all the way down to the tide pools. Next was Seaport Village. Where we looked at some cool hats, and I got some post cards for the boys, but I think I left them in Jessica's house or car (I can't find them, heads up Jess). Saw the bay, and it was beautiful, and nearly got run over by tourist.

-Day Four (Ocean, Beach, Water, Sand... ect...)-

Yup it was Beach day! We went to the beach on Camp Pendleton (Marine Base). I found the boys some rocks (I wanted to find shells, but didn't see any), and I got in up to my knees (yup I'm a wimp). Justin was mad, because the surfers were on the wrong side of the flag. Zoe decided to roll around in the sand after getting completely wet, so that was fun to clean up. We got Little Caesars for Lunch, and IHOP from dinner (yup I was living it up).

-Day Five (very last day, very long day)-

I got up and re-packed everything. I also re-charged my cell phone and Ipod. I altered Jessica's dress, and she looked beautiful in it (of course), and it's not just because I am master of the sewing machine. After lunch time we got in the van and went for a drive. We first drove by my old neighbor hood, and house (I miss that place). It looked the same, and so familiar, it also felt as if I had never left. My old house still looks beautiful, and they had flowers out front on the patio (just like I did). We also went to my old walmart. There I got some San Diego stuffed animals for my kids. Next was Mission Beach, and that place was crazy. After driving around not having any parking open, we found a spot up front (that was a freak accident). Jess and I rode the roller Coater, and then it broke down (yup I told Jess it was her fault). I got a Henna Tattoo, of the Starfleet symbol (if I was ever crazy enough to get a real tattoo, that is what I would get). We went to Jessica's Grandmother's house next (I had meet her before, and I wanted to see her again). Jessica's Mother and Aunt were visiting as well, and I had dinner with them. Jess dropped me off at the airport at 8:30pm. At the airport I got stopped by Security, because I had a water bottle in my carry-on, that I forgot about. Oops! I got on my plane at 10:30, it was not going to land in NC into 6am, so my plain was to sleep the whole ride, but I didn't get much sleep, because it was way to cold on the plane. I land in NC super tired and waited 2 hours to get on another plane to Baltimore (by that time it was day 6 I guess...).

-Home again-

So after Jeremy picked me up from the airport. He got me some McDonalds coffee (much needed at this point). We get home, and I snuggle with Olivia, post my last pictures, and I lay down to take a nap.

It was nice to get away, and I'm so proud of Jeremy. He took great care of the kids, and the house. He let me take it easy on Sunday, and made me feel like the most loved wife. Yup he's a keeper, and I love him with all of my heart.

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  1. Randi, I aways read your blog. Because it's like reading a book you do such a great job at it. I love you and I'm glad you had such a good time.