Monday, August 2, 2010

So Shape-ups...

Okay so I got a pair a few weeks before Olivia was born, so I've had them for a little over 6 months, and I love them.

About 2 months ago I started to notice a difference with my leg tone, and the only thing that I have changed is yes, my shoes. So they do really work.

Jeremy brought them for me, because my old tennis shoes (running shoe, walking shoes, whatever you want to call them) were falling apart, and I wanted to try these and so did he (Jeremy has a pair as well). Now since summer vacation started I haven't been walking as much, but I use to do about a mile a day (back and fourth to the bus stop). I have four kids, so walking and running I don't really make time for, so these are perfect.

The first few days, it did fell like I was walking on sand, and that they were harder to walk on, but after that, it felt normal, and they are very comfortable. They are also well made, I have worn them almost everywhere and they only a have a little wear on them.

I got the MaryJane looking pair (like in the picture), because they are so cute, but they have a lot to chose from, and fix any ones fashion style . Yup I would totally recommend them. I got mine for $110, but they have since been marked down, and some pairs you can get for $80. Also I have seen them in the Exchange (for you military people), and I'm sure you can find them for $75 there.

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  1. Randi I love your blog. That is really neat. I was wondering about those shape ups myself.