Monday, July 12, 2010

Best birthday present ever!

Yes it's still about 2 weeks until my birthday, but I did get a birthday present already, or I guess I should say I'm going to get one, and it will be the best gift ever. Also to say that I'm getting it early would be wrong as well, because in-fact I'm going to get it late, by a few weeks. Like I said, it will be the best gift ever, and not because of what was spent, because it was more of a gift of understanding. What am I getting? Jeremy is letting me go see Jessica for a few days! Yup down in sunny San Diego! I'm so excited!

How did this all start? From a break down and crazy crying (that's how all things start right?), I'll explain. Well Sunday I was getting ready for church, and I asked Jeremy why he wasn't ready yet. He didn't want to go, because his ankle (that he sprained really badly), was still bothering him, and he wanted to get some house work done. Along with all of that, he mentioned he wasn't comfortable with the people there as of yet. This got me worried, I'm tired of trying out churches, and I just really want to make some new friends, and I was just starting to get use to this new church. This also got me thinking on how unfair it is that I have to find new friends (so to say), I miss my old friends, and it's not fair that I don't get to see them anymore. So I started to get upset. Jeremy who is very perceptive realized why I was crying. I miss my old friends and most of all Jess. She and I were really close, mainly because during Jeremy's last deployment she and her 3 lovely girls came and stayed with me. We both were going through a tough time in our life. I was lonely because Jeremy was gone, and hers was a totally different situation, but we were there for each other, and we became really close. We enjoyed watching Star Trek and the Mythbusters together, we spent days listening to Relient K, and we ate a brunch of baby oranges. We always had an on-going argument about how the laundry should be done, and we traded favors and chores. Yup good times! I consider her my sister (by love if not by family). After a long hug from Jeremy, I when to church in hopes that it would clear my mind, and put it on track. When I got home from church, Jeremy had shown me, an e-mail he sent to Jess, and told me to set a date, because I was going.

Aug. 17 - 21, From the east coast to the west, and back again, all in under 5 days (wow). I can't wait to see Jess again and San Diego. I really miss that place, it's my second home. I feel in-love with that place and I'm excited that I get to see it again. I have missed it so much, and sometimes I wish I could have stayed there longer.

I know God brought me back east for a reason, I think it's because I need to work on my relationship with my family. I have fallen away from them, and that's mostly my fault. When I gain my independence (back when I moved to SC), I stop depending on them all together, and I need to find the right balance. God has shown me a lot of reasons why He did all those things in my life, and why He sent me all of those places. He sent me to SC to teach me how to be independent, and to teach Jeremy and I how to be a married couple (yes nothing is ever easy). When he sent us to VA when Jeremy was stationed to the Hampton, that set in motion His plain to bring us to San Diego, because the Hampton ended up doing the home port change there. I believe he sent us to CA to get us back into His word. We found a great church there, and met friends that would change us, and make us see things differently. He has been so good to us, I still can't believe how blessed we are. I am so grateful (beyond words) for my kids and husband and our life.

I will fill you in on the trip after I get back, and tell you all of the wonderful things I got to see again. Please pray for a safe trip, flying by myself makes me a little nervous, even though I've done it before.


  1. YAY! You're coming out to San Diego. We definitely can find a day to double team geek on Jessica. :D


  2. Okay, but lets go easy on her, we don't want her to run for the hills streaming.