Monday, July 19, 2010

Books all ordered!

Yay, all of my home schooling books are ordered, and the last 12 should be here any day. Okay so I told you before that I had about 51 books to get for this school year. Yes that is a big number! Its big because I need to get the teacher's editions along with the test and answer books, and of course student work books. The number was also high because the reading curriculums were comprised of 5 books (for each kid), that have short stories in them, and questions following each story. So yes 51 books. I'm going with the Abeka curriculum (not sure if I mentioned that before), and if I ordered all of those off of their website it would have cost $673.50 (yeah WOW), but I didn't ordered all of them from there, in fact only 12 came directly from their website. The other I obtained in different ways. I got 25 from ebay (most of the time you can find them for half the price on there). I got 14 from curriculum fairs and other people (each book only costing a few dollars). I got 12 from the actual Abeka site, (yes I already said that a few lines up) these last 12 I couldn't find any other way. All in all I only spent $314.74. Yup less than half (I'm very proud of myself).

We are going to be starting soon, on the 9th of august in fact (I moved it up a week, because of my trip). I have them starting in august to give us plenty of time to finish everything. Since this is our first year, and I'm not sure how everything is going to go, I thought it best that way. Last week I went through the books and figured out the pace that we need to follow, how many lessons we need to do each week... how many test we need to take each month... (ect...). Lots of figuring, but I'm really confident that we will be able to keep our pace, and work on any problem areas.

Okay so on family news, Olivia is trying to crawl and can almost do it. She has become very talkative and makes a lot of noise (but in a good way)(most of the time). Zachary is now master of the swings and monkey bars. Before he didn't like ether. He couldn't quite get the rhythm for the swings, and he was always scared of falling while hanging on the monkey bars.

A few weeks ago I told him to hang onto the bar, then let yourself drop, and see if it hurts (yup scary). He ended up trying it, and realized it didn't hurt at all. Wow mom knows what she's talking about. Well I don't have anything else to report, so thanks for reading.

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