Monday, June 21, 2010

You're Not My Mommy!

Last monday I when to a bible study (women only), and I left the kids with Jeremy. When ever this happens he turns into mister mom, and does a wonderful job, in a manly sort of way. Last monday however, his job was made a lot harder my our wonderful daughter Olivia. I was only going to be gone for 2 hours, so no big deal right? Wrong! She was very upset, and Jeremy said it didn't matter what he did, she was just so upset. Finally she just ended up crying herself to sleep. She woke up not to long after I got home, and she was very happy to see me, so my guess is she just wanted me. Try as Jeremy might, he is not the mom, even if he is a super fantastic dad.

A few days later I decided to deep condition my hair. It really needed some softening. When I do this, I wash my hair, then put in the deep conditioner, then put a shower cap on my head, and then I top it off with a towel (to keep the heat in). I walk around like this for a few hours, to let it all sink in. However, about 30 mins after I put the towel on, Olivia started to fuss, so I picked her up. She took one look at me, and started to ball. Apparently I did not look like mommy with a towel on my head. This started the whole really fussy and no one can make me happy stuff again (just like last monday). Needless to say, I ended up washing the conditioner out sooner then I wanted to. Yup, but everything was better after that. Life is fun, isn't it.

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