Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing catchup!

Hi everyone, well it's been some time (not much mind you) (but some), since I updated you on just the things going on in the life of Randi.

Well lately I have been getting ready to start home schooling next year, and I'm excited. I'm sure the excitement will wear off once the hard work kicks in, and the kids start to misbehave, but for the moment I'm looking forward to it. Last week I went out to get school supplies, and that was fun. I found everything we needed (yay) and a few things I never knew we needed (of course) (*wink*). I now finally have all my home school things organized. I don't, how ever, have all of the books yet, I have a little over a 3rd of them (19 of 51) (I know it's a lot). I have to get teacher's keys, test books, and work books along with the regular ones, so that racks up the number a bit. Tomorrow, how ever, I am going to a Home School Curriculum Fair and Workshops, and I hope I can find some of the books I need there. If not then it's back to ebay! I have been getting them used on ebay, and it's about half the price (most of the time).

We started going to a new church yesterday. We have been looking, and trying out for quite sometime now, and I'm so glad to say that our search is finally over. We thought we would try out the church that runs our home school umbrella, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church in Pasadena, MD. It's a very small church! Jeremy counted 29, and that was including us, but we did like it, and we both want to go back. The last church we went to was Faith Baptist Church in Glen Burnie. That church was huge, but no one wanted to talk to us, and Nathaniel's Sunday school teacher was very rude to us. We went twice, and that was enough to know that we didn't want to be a member.

Jeremy is taking a college class online (pre-calculus), he has been doing this after work on week days. I'm glad he's taking it and catching up on college, but this does mean less Jeremy and Randi time. We are use to that though, and it has taught us to make the best of the time we do have. Lately we have been spending that time watching Star Trek Voyager. We just got the whole series on DVD, and we are almost done season 3. We are excited to move on to season 4, because that's when they get rid of the character Kes (Jennifer Lien), and get the character Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Seven of Nine is much more exciting than Kes, and much hotter (yup I think she's hot).

Olivia is 4 months now, and she is going for her appointment in 2 days. She is getting so big, and she is growing more and more beautiful. She has been laughing up a storm! Her favorite thing to laugh at currently is me singing the Subway Five Dollar Foot Long song. No matter how hard she is crying, that song always brings out a giggle or two.

It has now been a year since we came back to Maryland, and I can't decide weather it went by fast or slow. I guess that means it's in-between. I still feel like I haven't reconnected with some of my family and old friends. It is partly my fault for being busy, but I also feel like some of them still haven't forgiven me for moving away in the first place, and they have acted bitter and mean to me, and I have been avoiding them. Jeremy and I are deciding weather or not to re-enlist, and this is what made me think of how long we had been here. I miss being away, but I also like being home again. Next May would be the best time to re-enlist, so we have a year to Pray and think about it. I'm sure God will lead us to the right place, and take care of us. He has done a great job of that in the past, so I'm not worried.

Well I think I have told all that I can think of. Thanks for reading!

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