Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Star Wars

So the boys have left for school,
and it's Nathaniel and Me time,
and what does he get out,
for us to play with?
You guessed it Star Wars action figures.
I love Star Wars!
Star Wars is one of those things that I still love.
The movies were my favorite as a kids,
and they still make the top list today.
I even like the new ones.
I have also read the books (yes I'm a dork),
and seen every episode of
Star Wars The Clone Wars.
So far I have loved every minute of it.
It's the best story ever,
and it has something for everyone.
Love, Law and order, honer, politics, war.....,
I could go on and on.
Its also very surprising to me how much of the story
the kids have picked up on.
Darien could tell you the whole star wars story
if you would sit and listen.
Zachary could tell you the names of all of the Jedi.
And Nathaniel can recanize almost
any star wars character.
My favorite Jedi would have to be Obi-won.
I have gone back and forth on this,
but now I have decided.
It was Yoda, and as much as I like Yoda,
I understand Obi more.
Though he may not be the best Jedi,
he is one of those Jedi,
that always does the right thing.
He is always obedient
(thats why they called him obi-won)
and he is very caring, a people pleaser (like me).
Yoda is more or a wise but very tricky person.
In the books it says that
Yoda would teach his Padawans by
tricking them into doing the wrong thing,
and then let them learn from their mistake.
Wow! Oh and here is another shocker
Count Dooku was Yoda's Padawan.
See it's not just Obi-won who
fails to teach morals to his students.
Obi-won has done a few
things I'll never understand.
Like in movie 3
after the lava almost killed Vader,
why didn't he finish him off then?
And why did he just let
Vader kill him in movie 4.
Yup I just don't understand it.
He was the one to finish off
General Grievous though,
and thank goodness, that guy
(or droid) was nothing but trouble.
Okay I need to stop now
or you will end up reading the
whole Star Wars story right here,
if you are still reading.
But see now you know how much I love Star Wars!
Maybe soon I'll write about who much I love Star Trek!!
Boy that would be a long one.

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