Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally updated

Wow, okay first off I would like to say sorry about not updating in a long time, but most of you who read this already know me, and already know what's going on in my life (for the most part). Me moved to Maryland in late May (woohoo). The drive across country was okay, but not fun. If I was to do it all over again, I would have planed more stops and taken it much slower. It was however both of ours (Jeremy and me), idea to do it as fast as possible. We are living on Fort Meade right now, and its has been pretty good, but our place feels small, and will soon feel smaller, because our 4th is on the way, and should be here the end of January (surprise, for those of you who didn't know). So we are buying a house!! Sorry for all of the big news compressed into one paragraph, but I didn't want to make this really long I just wanted to catch everyone up. Our new house will be in Glen Burnie, and should be big enough for all of us, and than some.

Darien has started the 2nd grade, and is doing very well. The only problem I'm having from him is his authority. Because he is the oldest, he thinks he on a level higher than his brothers, and he's not. He has been very bossy with them, and he has been trying to take matters into his own hands, and his brothers don't want to listen to him and they shouldn't. It has been frustrating for me, because he puts so much effort into bossing them around, and trying to talk back to Jeremy and I (I say trying, because he doesn't get away with it), and he should be using that effort to work on his hand writing.

Zachary is now in kindergarten, and is doing much better. He had a bit of a rocky start, because it takes him longer to get a routine down, then it does with his brothers. He is like me at that age, I was so easily distracted, and I needed more reminders to keep me on track. Like I said he has it now, and he is doing great.

Nathaniel is now 3 and a half (will be 4 in April). With both his older brothers in school, it's just him and me at home. He loves that. He gets to play by himself (which he loves doing, because he can play how he wants), and watch Dora (one of his favorites). On the downside, Nathaniel is one of those children that likes to test the waters (so to say), and so I have to keep a close eye on him.

As for me and this pregnancy, it's been hard, harder than my last so far. The morning sickness was stronger and longer, than any of my others, and the aches and pains started much sooner as well. On the bright side, this one is a girl! I was going to stop after this one, no matter what, but now I know I will. I'm at the point right now, that I can't wait to have this baby. I'm starting to feel like I have been pregnant forever, and boy is it time. The reality is I have more than a month to go. The past few days I am sorry to say, that my emotions have gotten the better of me, and I have been a bit grumpy. The holidays have me stressed, and have kept me up at night. That's a big thing for me, because I love my sleep and not much can keep me from it. I have already gotten gifts so its not that, it's the whole family thing. As much as I love them (and I do) it was just so much easier when we lived 3000 miles away, and didn't have to worry about who we were going to see and when. Not many seem to understand how hard it is for a 8 mo pregnant mom with 3 kids, to get everyone out and about during the holidays. Also as much as I hate to admit it, it is also partially my fault. I hate to disappoint people so most of the time I say yes, when I should have said no.

Okay so I see this has gone on long enough, so I'm going to stop now. Feel free to leave comments, and thanks for reading.

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