Friday, May 15, 2009

Just one more week and then...

Okay is it's just one more week until we pull out of here, well it 8 days so yeah. Things have been good so far, but next week will be stressful.

Last Friday I got to see Star Trek!! Woohoo!! Last Friday we were celebrating because Jeremy detached from the Uss Hampton (no more submarine), so we took the kids to Mimi's, and then to the drive-in to see Star Trek. It was great, and I loved it, and I can't wait to buy it on Blu ray, yes we have to get this one on Blu ray. We love going to the Drive-in. It's in Santee which is about a 15 min drive from us, and most of the time there is hardly anyone there, but not that night. I kept thinking to myself, there can't be this many Trekies that live around here, so WHY ARE THEY HERE! This is a Star Trek Fan movie only!! Tee-hee!

Okay so next week, on Tuesday the movers will come, and they will pack us up, and take everything away on Wednesday. Saturday (early), we are pulling out of here and hitting the road. So keep us in your prayers, and I will write again once we get to Maryland.

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