Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas 2015

So you maybe looking at the name of this post and thinking to yourself, "wait a second, it's not Christmas yet, we still have a few days." For you, yes you are right, but not for the Legates family. See my husband has to work Christmas day, so we had it early (we did something similar for Thanksgiving, because my husband also had to work on that day) we had our Christmas on Sunday. IT WAS AWESOME! We opened presents, ate a big meal, and played games together.

The big thing that I got my youngest kids was the Tardis, and for my big kids, I got them Youth Digital Mod Design.

My two oldest are interested in learning code. My oldest in fact wants make a career out of it. This program teaches you how to make mods for Minecraft using Java, and it teaches you in a hands on way with videos. The kids, so far have made their own sword, and put it in the game. Jeremy and I also started to watch the videos, because we wanted to learn too.

As far as other gifts... Darien our oldest got some amiibos (which is nintendo figures, and you can use in some nintendo wii u games), a nintendo online game shop gift card, and the new Woolly Yoshi game. For Zachary, we got him an Ollie, a cool heat changing mug, a Dalek desk guarding thing, and a lego set. Nathaniel got a lego set and a bunch of Imaginext figures and play sets. Olivia got some princess dresses as well as some My Little Pony figure sets.

It was a really good Christmas, and I can't wait until next year. :)

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