Monday, March 16, 2015

So where are we going?

I really wish I knew, but I do have some news, and 3 possible places (maybe).

If you read my last post then you already know that my husband went to a hiring conference in San Diego last week. He did 8 interviews during the conference and all of them went really well, so most of those companies wanted him back for a second interview. Jeremy decided to narrow those down to the three he was most excited about and start with those interviews. The three are IM Flash, SpaceX, and Oculus. IM Flash in located in Utah (just south of Salt Lake City), SpaceX is just south of LA, and Oculus is in San Fran. He is currently out in Utah right now doing his interview for IM Flash, and his interview for SpaceX is later on this week. He's really excited about these jobs, and I am too.

Right now I'm just praying that one of these jobs will be "the one", and that we will be moving soon. Jeremy is officially out of the Navy, so the clock is ticking. I am so ready though. I'm ready to move and start our life somewhere else. I'm ready to settle down in a permanent location (I wonder what that feels like).

I'm sorry that this is all of the news I have so far, but I will keep updating, so make sure you check back later. Thanks for reading.

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