Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So I donated my .........

Hair :)

So it was almost 3 years ago, back in Nov. of 2011 that I decided that I was going to grow out my hair in order to donate it. Here's a before picture...

In theory it should have only taken two years. Hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, and since you need at least 10 inches to donate it to Locks Of Love (yes that is who I donated to), then yes it should have only taken two years. ... ... ... Well I guess I can make up the excuse that we did have to move across country two years ago, and the stress of that could have slowed down the growth of my hair for a period of time. ... ... ... Yeah I'm going to go with that. I did end up trimming my hair every 3 to 4 months, but that was just to keep the dead ends at bay.

After about 6 months of growing it out, it was awesome, I finally had my hair long enough to do some of the fun braids that I had been wanting to try out on my own hair. At that point I was wondering when I would donate, because I wanted to be left with some hair in the end.

After a year I could do almost any style, that I couldn't do before due to my lack of length. I remember wondering at this point if I still wanted to donate at all, because I really enjoyed my hair just like this, but I continued to grow it. I wasn't going to just give up at this point.

At the two year point my feelings were mostly the same as they were at the one year point. I loved it, and the only problem I was having with it was dryness. I would wake up on most days with the Hermione look. That's when I would throw some curl cream in it, braid it, then call it a day. If I wanted to leave it down however, it would take some washing or curling with an iron for it to look normal.

But it was a few months ago, (at about the two and a half year point), that the hair started to drive me nuts. There was hair everywhere. All over my shower, and my bed. I was finding my hair in the most strange places. Also showers were no longer fun and refreshing. I looked and felt like a drowned rat afterwards. It would take so long for my hair to dry, and it almost wasn't worth washing my hair. I got in to the habit of just braiding it right out of the shower. It was at this point that I realized that having chin length hair would be nice again, but I put it off so I could get it a little longer, and maybe give them a little more hair.

But it was Sunday night, that I had just had enough. I put it into a low pony and had Jeremy measure it. 13 inches... WOW... 13 inches from the elastic to the ends. Yup it was time alright. Once I made the first snip I began to feel relieved. Olivia saw the ponytail right after I had cut it, and she said "Oh no mommy your hair broke." Heehee. I told her it was okay, and that I didn't need it anymore, and that I was giving it to someone who did.

So here I am, two days after, felling relieved and only a little sad. The good news is it will grown back, and as crazy as it sounds, I think I would like to do it all over again. So here I go back to the beginning, starting to grow out my hair, to donate it. :)


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