Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mom's day out, Rose City Comic Con, and Arms don't bend that way

I've got a three in one post here for you guys, to catch everyone up on what has happened to us this past weekend, and this week.

Mom's day out

I'm happy to report that saturday I got half a day off from being a mom, and I went out with my friend Katie. I have known Katie since I was a teen. We both went to church together (back in Maryland), and she lives about an hour away from me. We have met up twice before (twice since the move here), but it was just a small hi's and hugs, because the meetings were in busy places, and we didn't have much time. I wanted to catch up and find out everything that had been going on in the last 12 or so years of her life, so my husband suggested that I take her out to lunch, and I loved that idea.

We decided to meet up in Gig Harbor, and eat at Applebee's. It was a wonderful lunch. We talked so much, that I completely forgot about my BLTA that was sitting in front of me, and I maybe only ate half of it. Katie is a wonderful person, and I love the way she sees the world, and how she's very open about her faith.

I didn't want our time to end. We prolonged it though by going to get coffee, doing a little shopping, and going for a walk at the harbor. It was just really great to talk to an old friend, and be able to talk freely about God and how things are going. Oh and she also gives the best hugs.

When I got home, I was welcomed by a clean house. Jeremy and the boys had been busy. That was also wonderful, as I'm sure you can imagine. Yes my husband can handle the kids, and clean the house at the same time (I'm very lucky).

Rose City Comic Con

The decision to go to this Comic Con was kind of last minute. A few weeks ago I got an email from the Emerald City Comic Con (that's the one in Seattle, that happens in March) saying that their tickets were going to go on sale soon. This surprised me, because it seemed a little soon, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not. So to make up my mind I went to the web site to see which celebrity guest were going to be there. I have always wanted to meet Will Wheaton. My thoughts were "well if you are going to meet someone from Star Trek make it Will Wheaton." Why? Well he's a nerd just like us, and he's a nice guys as well, also he's my favorite actor, and that's really the best reason. But to my dismay he wasn't on the list of celebrity guest, in fact there was only two listed. I figured it was because it was to early, and that the list would grow, but that didn't help me, the person who was apparently deciding right now weather she was going to go or not. So I went to Wil Wheaton's web site, and click on appearances and I got both excited and sad all in the same instant, because he was going to be at the Rose City Comic Con in Porland, and Porland is only three hours away. Then I noticed the date. It was only two weeks away, and I thought there was no way we would get tickets. I thought it was like Seattle's Con, where you need to get tickets months out if you want to go at all. Needless to say I was a little sad for the rest of the day. I told Jeremy once he got home, and he did the smart thing and actually looked to see if they still had tickets. I'm sure you figured it out by now, but yes they did.

A week later my husband tells me that he knows what he wants to wear to the con, and I loved the idea so much that I made shirts for everyone.

Yes we were the Wesley Crushers. The shirts are a re-make from an episode of the Big Bang Theory, but what makes them even more awesome is their reference to Star Trek as well, and since we love both shows, it was perfect.

Making the shirts was so quick and inexpensive that it was almost embarrassing. When we went to Michaels to buy the shirts, they were having a sale, and each shirt was half off, so $2 each. We already had the iron on transfers, so all I had to do was find the image, reverse it, and print. So all in all the cost was about $13, and yes that was for all 6 of us.

We got a lot of attention at the Con. Quite a few people wanted photos of us. Yes just random people. 

Right after we arrived which was a little after noon, we got in line to get Wil Wheaton's autograph. We were blown away when he asked if he could get a picture and post it on Twitter.

Do I look surprised it that picture? Yeah I was really surprised. I also got him to sign this...

When I was 10 I had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher, and I think for my birthday that year I ended up getting a few of these. I opened all of them, and played with all of them (so it was okay), but now that I'm an adult, I think it's cool to finally have a signed unopened Wesley Crusher doll. :)

Later that day we got pictures taken with him.

We had to spit up because of the rules about how many could be in each photo, but we really didn't mind, and it was well worth the wait.

My youngest son Nathaniel (top photo), was over the moon about Wil Wheaton putting his arm around him (Wesley Crusher is his favorite character from Star Trek as well). That really make his day and make the 6 hour round trip worth it.

I also enjoyed this Con more. It was smaller, but not to small, and it wasn't as crowded, so you could move around and actually look at things.

Arms Don't Bend That Way

Monday night my husband and I were both snuggled on the couch watching the premiere of the Big Bang Theory, while the kids played down stairs in the basement. Right when the credits started to roll our second son Zachary comes running upstairs all out of breath saying "Darien's arm broke." My first thought was "no, he probably just hurt it, and only thinks it broke." Also at this point I could hear no crying. We went down stairs to really just make sure everything was okay. Well yes needless to say he did brake his arm, and it was quite obvious that the arm was broken, by just looking at it.

Ummm.... Yeah....

Apparently the kids were playing a game of "The Floor Is Lava" and the floor won.

So Jeremy took him to the emergency room, and from what my husband says he was a real trooper. He didn't cry once, and he was very polite to everyone there, despite all of the pain he was in. He's Wesley Crusher shirt had to be cut off though, so I may have to make him a new one.

He's okay though, and is at the doctors right now with his dad, getting a cast put on

School work has been interesting though. So my job as Homeschooling mom is going to be a little harder, since he can't write right now. Yesterday I ended up writing everything for him, while he verbalized it. I really didn't mind to much. Darien has always done really well with his work, so it wasn't to bad.

Well that is all right now. Thank you for reading, and I'll let you know how the whole cast thing goes.

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