Saturday, September 22, 2012

We have moved (AGAIN!)

Yes it has finally happened we finally bought that house. We signed the papers last Monday (the 10th), and have been busy moving ever since. Okay yes most of our stuff has been here, at the new house for a while, and it's been a slow going process for the non essentials. We've been so busy lately. This whole process has made me realize that I never want to move again, but I know I will have to eventually. The Navy will most likely move us again in a few years, and I also want to retire in San Diego, so... Yeah I'm going to have to move again, and most likely again after that. For the record, I hate moving, and I'm really worn out from this one, and I hope I never see another box again.

I love this house it's awesome. It really fits our needs. Okay now I know what your saying. "Randi didn't you say that about the last house? You know that one you only lived in for 3 months?" Okay you got me, yes I did. I have a very over positive personality (I'm not kidding). I did like the other house, and it did fit our needs mostly. What made us change our minds were the awesome housing prices around here, and the people living around us in navy housing. We were living in Jackson Park, and we discovered that it is the ghetto of Navy housing. Don't get me wrong the navy tries to keep it nice, but the people who move into these units just aren't good quality. They enjoy partying very loudly on Friday nights, and they let their kids wonder the neighborhood all day, and I'm not talking about 10 - teens, I'm talking about little kids, some as young as 5 (believe me, I wish I was joking). I just can't stand lazy parents, you sit around on your lazy butt all day, while your kid is raised by other things and other people, and you wonder why your kid doesn't respect you. Hummmm.....

We are almost all the why done with unpacking, and when we are I'll post pictures. I still have a lot of work to do today, so I have to go. Thanks for reading :)

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