Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding weekend!

So happy Memorial day everyone. Things have been interesting around here for the past few days, and it's mostly due to the beautiful wedding I went to on Saturday. Jeremy's cousin Chris married Brittany (YAY! I'm really excited for them)!

(pictures done by Laurinda Tapper)

So this all started on Thursday...

That was the day of the Bachelor party. Now of course I wasn't invited to that, (no girls allowed) but Jeremy was (of course). That morning I was in serious need of a commissary run (not much food in the house), and I also needed to run to target to get a gift for Chris and Brittany, but before all of that I needed to go to an ATM. I needed tip money for the bagger, and money for both me and Jeremy to cross the bay bridge (gotta love paying toll, can you believe we still haven't gotten an easypass?). So I head to fort Meade and stopped by the ATM on the way. They are still doing construction on the Commissary which means things are still in weird places (this makes getting the things I need harder, because I can't find them). The last few times I've been, I haven't been able to find the ground turkey meat made by Louis Rich. At only a $1 a pound, it's a really good deal, and I really hate buying the more expensive stuff. This time however, I was able to find where they were hiding it (yay!)... Yeah I bought 10... Then it was home to put it all away, and put the baby down for a nap (yes that means momma break time). That afternoon after lunch time is when we went to Target.

Jeremy stopped by after dinner, to say goodbye, and to get some toll money. I just handed him all of my cash, thinking he would be back before I had to leave for the wedding, (which at this point was 2 days away..... yeah... I ended up paying toll with only quarters) boy was I wrong... I'll explain... The boys were having their party at a vacation house, that one of the Groomsman's parents own. It was going to be an over night, eat to much, and play video games kind of party. That night was awful for me though, I had a hard time getting to sleep (Jeremy wasn't there to make me feel safe and loved), and I had really bad dreams. Now this is unlike me, by now I am a pro at is whole spending the night alone thing (not that I like to be, but after all of the underways and deployments... Well you just get use to it).

The next day (Friday) was long and I was super tired. I had expected Jeremy to get home sometime that day, but I was sure when. Well it turns out he (and everyone else) had a million things to do that day (makes since he being a Groomsman and all), and I just didn't expect that. By the time the rehearsal dinner was over, it was late (super late), so Jeremy just stayed. I had a better night, than the last, I slept well and I didn't have any bad dreams.

So Saturday I woke up super excited. I couldn't wait to go, but I had to, the wedding wasn't until 5pm. I had things to do before I went to the wedding anyways like... Get ready, Get the kids ready, Do a load of diapers, Do a load of laundry, Do my hair, Do Olivia's hair, Pack the diaper bag, put the gift in the car... You know those things. I also need to bring a few things (to keep Olivia happy), and lets just say I forgot something. I forgot Olivia's bear, (oh no... say it isn't so) she doesn't cry for it or anything, but if she has it, then she is willing to sit still. I remembered the bear right after the toll booths, and there was no way I was going back for it (does that ever happen to you?) It wasn't that bad though, I had help. Jeremy's parents to the rescue! We ended up passing her back and forth, and she ended up staying with Jeremy's dad most of the ceremony. We had a lot of fun...

The food was awesome (Catered by Jeremy's aunt Mary). The boys had like 3 plates each. The kids and I left at about 8:30pm (Olivia was very tired by that time and very grumpy). Of course right after I leave is when Jeremy decides it's time to dance, and really cut a rug (and I missed it..... so not fair). Jeremy doesn't like to dance around other people (don't ask me why), so normally I have to beg to get even one dance. Grrrrr.... I'm glad he had a good time though. I wasn't sure when he would be able to get home. He was going to help clean up and all, and I didn't know when everything was going to be over, so I went to bed once I got home (we all did). For some reason I woke up at 2:50am, and found that Jeremy wasn't home yet. WHAT!! So I called him... No answer... not even a ring. Well after two days of being away from home, and not having a charger with him, I really wasn't surprised that his cell phone was dead. So at this point I was debating on whether or not to call the cousins up, to see if he had left already and how long ago it was, and if I should be worried (because I was), but I didn't. Turns out, he stopped by his Sister's work (she was working really late that night), and took her out to really early breakfast. He didn't get home until 3:30am.

So yeah that was my weekend! Congrats to Chris and Brittany, we are all so happy for you... and thanks for reading everyone.

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