Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Darien

My son's birthday was Saturday, and he's 9 (yeah wow). Now I know what you guys are thinking... "Randi aren't you a little late on this post? Most of the time when one of your kids has a birthday you post on the day."... And yes you are right I really try to post on that day, even if it's just a small post wishing them a happy birthday, but this weekend was busy and crazy, mostly because we had a lot of things to do, but some of it was because Jeremy had a 4 day weekend, and when there's is a cute guy in the house, nothing gets done. So I didn't get around to it until now (I know that very bad of me, and I should know better).

We celebrated Darien's birthday on Friday, because my husband was taking Darien and Zachary to Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA on Saturday (with the church). So shortly after waking up on Friday, we gave him his presents. Jeremy had off that day (a big bonus for all of us). We took the kids to Mcdonalds (a really cool birthday treat). We went to Party City to let Darien pick out a cool balloon (who doesn't like to do that). And last we went to Goodwill. We needed another book shelf (yes we have too many books). This book shelf we put in Darien's room, with all of his books on them, and this gave us move room on our other shelves (I was feeling really motherly and even let him put Harry Potter on his shelf). I made Carrot cake cupcakes (that's what he wanted), and pizza (also what he wanted). We had a dinner theater! We watched Harry Potter while eating. The kids stayed up late and ate themselves sick.

So Saturday we woke up early (5:30). The church bus was leaving at 7:30, and Jeremy had his buddy Ryan coming with, so we needed to to get ready. Shortly after Jeremy, Ryan, Darien, and Zachary left, Nathaniel, Olivia, and I set out for a walk around the neighborhood. I was yard sale day (they have one twice a year in our community), and I wanted to see what everyone had. I was just mainly looking for more summer clothes for Olivia, and books (I was looking for books). I found nothing! No one was selling anything I was interested in (yeah it happens). We walked the whole neighborhood (and I mean all of it), and nothing. Nathaniel was awesome! He walked all of it with me, and didn't complain. Next I took them (Nathaniel and Olivia) to Chuck E Cheese's. They had a blast... Olivia love the rides, and Nathaniel loved everything (not a big surprise). Lunch time comes around and we stop by Subway one our way home (yummy). After we got home I put Olivia down for a nap (yes it is time for a brake). Nathaniel played video games, and I watch the latest Bones on Hulu. After Olivia nap I took the kids to this awesome book store. It was our first time going, but I wanted to check it out because I was all used books. It's called the Book Nook. Yeah it was awesome! I got some Hardy Boys for Darien, and they had Star Trek books (yeah as if I wasn't nerdy enough). Nathaniel picked out a few books and we went home (again) (my feet were hurting by the end of this day). Bed time came around and Nathaniel wanted to stay up "I want to wait for my brothers mommy. I miss them."  "I know you do baby, but they won't be home until late. How about we get you a cupcake, and you go to bed."  "I want a cupcake, but I'm not tired."  "Come on Nathaniel, we are getting a cupcake, and then I'm going to tuck you in."... Yeah in the end it worked, he was really tired. The boys got back around 10:30pm (yeah they did get back late). They had a great time though. They got to ride in a bus that had a bathroom (who doesn't like to do that?). They got to eat at an awesome buffet, along with going to a great show. Needless to say, they all had a really good time.

So yes that was our busy weekend, I'm wondering if it will take all week to recover from it :)

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