Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soo yeah... Hi

Well once again I was away from blogging for a couple of weeks, but you know how it is. I can't just blog about anything, you guys would all be falling asleep. So what have I been up to? Well just a few things...

My last two post were 3 days before the Super Bowl, and did I watch it? Well yes I did watch the first half... I'll tell you about it.

Super Bowl 2/6/11

I started popping in the pizzas about 30 mins before the game started. Our favorite frozen pizza is Tombstone. At the commissary the price jumps around from $2.50 and $3.00, so it's worth the price. I put out the chips w/ dip, and cooked the hot wings as well. We also bought some cup cakes for the boys. We set everything out and told the boys to dig in. We had a blanket for them to sit on, just in case there were any spills. They ate and ate and ate. I ate some and watched the game... some.

At about half time I really didn't want to watch anymore, so I went upstairs to watch the TV in our bed room, to see if there was anything else on. Nathaniel came looking for me... He opened my door just a crack and said "Mommy what you watching?" I said "Nothing yet, come and help me find something." So we ended up watching nickjr. It's was great though, because the Backyardigans were on. So me and Nathaniel watched that. After about 30 mins of singing, dancing, and backyard fun, Jeremy came looking for us. "So you two would rather watch this, then the Super Bowl?".... Come on he should really know the answer to that by now.

I did however return downstairs for the last 10 mins of the game. I am glad the Packers won, but I wasn't a big fan of both teams, so it really didn't matter.

I boys ate soooo much... All three of them ate pizza, chips, hot wings, and cup cakes. After a while I hinted to Jeremy that he may need to cut them off, because I didn't want to clean up throw up in the morning. So yeah even though we did tell them initially that they can have what ever they wanted, we did end up telling them that the kitchen was closed.

Darien and Zachary were able to stay up for the whole game, but Nathaniel fell asleep in the last 5 mins. That's Nathaniel for ya...

Megan and David 2/11/11

So I have the new friend named Megan (newish... I met her a few months ago), and she invited our family over for dinner last Friday! Yay for friends! I was fun, and she made pizza (everyone loves pizza). Her and David have 4 kids (just like us). So we get there, and we talk... I talk with Megan and she makes the pizza, Jeremy talks with David (Yay), and we both chase Olivia around, and pass her back and forth (oh the fun, of having a baby that is mobile).

Megan is planing on homeschooling once her twins get to that age, so we had a lot to talk about. She also really likes Star Trek and Star Wars (we are going to be really good friends) (*tear*) :)

It was fun and the kids played so well together. They rode the trikes around the house, and danced. It was so sweet. Next time we'll have to have them over here.

Valentine's day 2/14/11

Well yesterday wasn't that crazy or eventful, but I would like to tell you what happened. However if you don't fell like reading about it, then just skip this part okay?

The day was pretty much normal but I did get some flowers (yay), and I also got all dressed up for when the man got home. I put on my red dress (that has the matching head band), with my white cardigan. I did my hair and makeup, and set candles around the tub, for later. I'm not sure if this is to much information, but Jeremy and I enjoy taking baths together (very relaxing). I made dinner, then  I started feeling sick (of course). I had a sore throat and a headache (oh no) (I hate getting sick). This is what happens when you take care of a sick baby. So after I put Olivia down I was so ready for that bath (you have no idea).

I did have a great day though... I love Jeremy so much... (I know this is boring you)...

Cloth Diaper repost

Okay so I just need to up date a little on the whole cloth diaper thing because I had to change things up a bit. So you know how I went with the prefolds? Well after a while of using them Olivia started to get a rash, and this rash would start to clear up only if I put the pocket diapers on her. So now I have to stop using the prefolds. I'm not sure weather she's allergic to the material, or if, because the prefolds don't always fell dry, and that's why, and she's reacting to the wetness. I'm not sure, but I had to order some more of the pocket kind. My guess is that not all babies have this reaction, because if they did, then it would be in the reviews, so I think it's her. I just wanted to put that out there....

Thanks for reading

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