Saturday, February 19, 2011

An interesting site to see

So yesterday we had some beautiful weather. It was almost 70 here, and get this, there was still snow on the ground. I know, it was interesting seeing that. On Jan 26 we had a big snow storm. We got about 2 feet, and yes it was fun to shovel. That morning was a Wednesday... The snow started early in the morning and it was mixed with ice. Not to long after Jeremy had left for work it all stopped. I went out and shoveled off the drive way and put the van in the garage. I figured Jeremy would be sent home form work soon, and I know he likes his car in the driveway during a snow storm. Jeremy gets home, and it starts to rain...? Yeah okay... This is about the time we check the weather, but see the weather is almost always wrong when it comes to snow storms. If it says we are going to get a lot, we only end up getting an inch. If it says we are only going to get a little, we end up getting a lot. Yes you get the picture. I think God is showing us that the weather channel doesn't always know what it's talking about. They are trying to predict something that they have no control over and is unpredictable.

So as the day goes on we have some ice, rain, and snow all in a little mix. Then once night fall comes we start getting dumped on (with snow only), and there was thunder...? I didn't know it could snow and thunder at the same time. I asked my mom about that the next day, and she said that it when that happens it's snowing as hard as it can snow. So she knew about it. It's funny how you think you've seen a lot of interesting things, then something comes along that you haven't seen or heard of before, and your like... "what?" Yes I am but a young grass hopper, and I have much to learn.

Okay so back to yesterday. Wow we had some nice weather, and still snow on the ground in some places, so I thought it was funny. I took the kids to the park after lunch. Since it was Friday I figured Jeremy would be home early, so I left him a note. Olivia loved the park! She swung on the sings, and she went down a few slides, and she walked around a lot. She loved the grass and the sticks, she loved climbing and sliding. She is so cute (yes I am aloud to say that). After being there for about 40 mins Jeremy came walking up. He was wearing sun glasses, but Olivia still knew it was him from a distance, and started bouncing up and down once she saw him. We stayed about an hour longer then walked back home.

I was super tired after that. I think it was mostly because I was following Olivia around everywhere. Up and down everything. She wanted to walk all around the play ground, and I wanted to see her do it, so I really had nothing to complain about. She's growing up so fast, it's just not fair.

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