Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The birth of my daughter

There was a time in my life that I thought this day would never come. After having 3 wonderful sons, the chances of having a daughter seemed slim, but she is here. On Feb. 1st at 3:51, weighing 8lbs 1oz and 20in long. Yay! It was an induction, and I was scheduled for 7:30 am. I got to the hospital right on time, which is unusual for me, because I like to be early. It was Jeremy's fault though, he wanted to stop at McDonalds and Starbucks on the way. He was the only one to get food and coffee to, I didn't want to eat to much, because I didn't want to get sick. So I get there at 7:30, and they start my IV at 8, and the Pitocin at 9, I predicted that it would happen that way, hospital all move like that, as slow as possible. My mom and little sister got there at 10, and I got my Epidural and my water broken at 12, and I was ready to push at 3:40, (my nurse predicted I'd be ready to push at 3:30, and she predicted this when she was placing my IV, so she's good) So yeah only took 11 mins, and she was here. It was such a quick birth, for being an induction, and not a lot of crazy things happened, so it was a great birth. Jeremy of course cut the cord and when he did, he got blood squirted in his face (first time that has ever happened) Olivia 1 point, Daddy 0. She is a really sweet baby. She likes to eat and snuggle. I am currently nursing and doing formula. Nursing for most of the day, and using formula at night (so I can get more sleep, I like my sleep). It has been great, and I'm so glad she is here. I'm looking forward to dressing her up, and doing her hair (when she gets a little more of it). So far Nathaniel pays the most attention to her, the other boys barley even notice her. Nathaniel is really sweet, he wants to feed her, and hug her, and he loves taking dirty diapers to the trash. Silly boy!


  1. Sounds like my kind of labor. I hope my future labors go more like that. ;) Congrats again, sounds like she's a joy!

    (Melissa R)