Monday, July 14, 2014

We got a pool (it may be little, but it is still ours) :) And also new summer schedule

I have always been hesitant about getting a pool, even the smallish ones. I always think about set up, water, chemicals, and maintenance. That's what always stopped me before from saying yes. As if I didn't have enough to do already, was always my excuse. However after finding out that all of this week we were going to have 90 degree weather, kind of changed my mind. We don't have AC! It's okay really, most of the time we don't need it. Our house can feel like a furnace on hot days, and it's better on those days to either hide in the basement, or play outside. So yeah we got a pool. We got the Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30 -inch Round Pool Set. We had some work to do though before we could set it up. Our backyard is not level. We have a slope, and it's not a steep one, but we still had to do some leveling, so the pool would set up right.

When all was said and done though, it was one of the best purchases we've ever made. These past few days we've had so much fun it that little pool. We played Marco Polo, and made whirlpools (yes there isn't much else you can do in this pool). On amazon it $70 right now, and yes that's what we payed as well. Best $70 I've ever spent. :)

So in other news, we have a new summer schedule. Why? You ask... Well my kids have been kind of lazy this summer, and that's fine to a curtain degree, but when you find your kids watching 5 episodes of My Little Ponies (that you turned on for your daughter, but she is nowhere in sight), because they can't find anything else to do, well you may have a problem. So I came up with this

They all have areas of school work they need to improve on, and I also have all of them writing a fan fiction this summer, for a creative outlook, and improvement on writing skills, and as long as they do well, then get to swim during pool time. I'm happy with it, and now they won't be sitting around watching tv all day.

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