Monday, November 25, 2013

So... Just so you know, this is going to be a long one

You saw the title right? Okay so you have been warned. This post consisted of all of the things we've been up too this month.

Gotta Have Those Shoes

I saw these shoes on pinterest a few weeks ago, and immediately wanted them
Since they are nike (clearly), I started my search on Nike's website, and found nothing. :( I tried a few other websites that I know to have shoes, but I come up dry. Does the shoe even exist?

About a week later during a skype call to my sister-in-law Jessica, I explain all of my shoe woes. Jessica is a shopping guru, so she volunteers to help me in my search. She finds them on Buckle's website, the only problem is, they don't have my size. Jessica then suggest that I look and see if there is a Buckle near me, the actual store may have my size.

Turns out there is one really close to me in the little mall 10 miles away. I start to get really excited at this point, and can't wait to go shopping the next day.

We get to the mall and once I walk into the store, I know there is no way the shores are here. The store was mostly clothing and a few pairs of shoes here and there, so I just pull up a picture of the shoes on my phone and show it to the sales associate. He tells me that he can look at other stores inventory and get the correct size and shoes sent to this store. Yay! Once again I get really excited until... "Did you say you were a size 7.5?" ... So it turns out they don't have any in that size, or in an 8 (yes I asked). I guess that means all of the stores don't have my size? None of them?

At this point I ready to admit defeat, pick up Jeremy's PS4 (that's the reason he's out), and go home, but Jeremy insist that we check a few more stores. To make a long story short after checking five stores and finding nothing, we pick up the PS4 and go home.

On our way home Jeremy looks over at me and says "When we get home I am going to find those shoes for you."

"But you just got your new system, and I don't think these shoes exist anymore."

"Oh I'll find them, don't you worry."

At this point I felt like crying. It was a very loving thing to do, to put my wants before his. :)

So Jeremy searches and like Jess and I, he doesn't get far, until he starts a chat session with a nike sales rep (yeah I didn't know you could do that either). It turns out the shoes were discontinued some months ago, which is why they are so hard to find. This is when my husband decides that the only place they would be in on ebay... "Hey honey I found a pair in your size, but it's yellow is that okay?" Yeah he really didn't need to ask (yellow is my favorite color).

The kid needs glasses

About a month ago at co-op, all of the kids had a basic eye exam. All of my sons passed except Zachary. So I schedule him an appointment and the only time they had available before December was last Wednesday. Zachary it turns out is nearsighted and only need glasses for distance. I let him pick out a pair at Wal-mart. This of course makes Olivia jealous. They had Hello Kitty glasses there, and she wanted a pair. Of course Hello Kitty really isn't Zachary's style, so he picked out these...
I think they look great :)

Hey I Need Those Nilla Cookies

So last monday (a week from today) I made a list of what I was going to make on thanksgiving day. I was going to go to the commissary the next day, and pick everything up. That night I remember having a dream that I went shopping and had a great time, but when I got home the boys ate all of the nilla cookies (which I need for a pie), and so I have to go out and get more. Yes all of this in a dream.

The next day while we are all out shopping (the kids and I), I tell them about the dream, and we all have a good laugh, but when we get home, guess who I find getting into the cookies. Yes right when we walk through the door. Yes I should have pick up two boxes.

Olivia Discovers Where I Hide My Nail Polish, and Catching Fire

So yesterday Jeremy and I spent the first part of the morning cleaning the house. We were going on a date that night, and having a sitter watch the kids (first time this year). I was doing the dishes, and the house was quiet... to quiet. So I tell Jeremy to track down Olivia, and make sure she isn't getting into trouble. After about 30 sec Jeremy tells me that he going to let me get this one. I get with-in 10 feet of the door to my room, and I know immediately what she's gotten into. Yup the nail polish. The first thing she says to me is "I'm coloring mommy, get out." Really, it's my room. Jeremy took this picture...

It was all over her though. She decided that painting her nails wasn't enough. Her legs, feet, and hands were a big nail polish mess.

This added to the list of things to clean before the sitter gets here. Luckily we got the house and Olivia looking perfect and we were able to have a really good time at the movies.

We saw Catching Fire, and it was awesome. At no point in the movie was I disappointed, so yes I will be buying the blu-ray. The Huger Games is one of my favorite book series, and I enjoy reading them over and over again.

The Van Is At The Doctors

Alright, so lastly. Our van needed some work. The heat hasn't worked any this season, it's been awful having to drive it (also driving 2 hours to go hiking in a van with no heat is a bad idea... just so you know) and the check engine light came on the other day. Yikes! So today I take it into the dealership and the guy mentions that their are also some recalls on it, and that if we want to get that taken care of as well it may take a few days, but we would get a rental car for free. Well okay that doesn't sound to bad, but before we could set this up they had to find out what was wrong with the car, to see if they could fit everything in, and if they had the right parts. So we wait 3 hours (I'm not joking). The dealer ship did have this...
But this only kept us entertained for an hour. They said that the check engine was easy to figure out, but the heat took forever. Turns out the coolant cap was missing, and I was out of coolant (yeah I have not idea how that happened, and nether do they). So they get me a rental, and set the rest of the repairs up, and then we went home. Yes we were so grateful just to go home. The rental car is a Chrysler mini van. The siding doors open and close at the push of a button... yeah ... wow... I've never had a fancy car. Jeremy is trying to convince me to get a new van (or maybe a new used van), he found an E series at a dealership two hours from here (and included a ferry ride). It looked like a nice car... 2008 only 50,000 miles, but the dealer was not willing to wheel and deal over the phone, and I told him there was no way I was going over there just to have a salesman talk me into a deal I don't want to make.

So that's all for now. I'll write again soon :)

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