Sunday, April 7, 2013

Randi Legates NRN (non-registered nurse)

It has been an interesting and tiring week, and it all started last weekend (kind of). Remember when I told you that this weekend we may be going hiking? Well that was actually only because we wanted to go on Easter Sunday, but couldn't go because Jeremy was sick, and we were postponing the trip for this weekend. Well we weren't able to go this weekend either, because of the same reason.

Last Friday, my husband kept saying that his tail bone hurt, and he had trouble sitting in a few positions. We both thought that maybe he had hurt something while working out, and we didn't think much of it. He was also developing a cold (the two aren't related, but I felt it was worth noting). By Sunday (last Sunday, the day we really were planning on going hiking), he was miserable, with the cold and the tail bone thing, and I was about ready to take him to the doctors, however due to scheduling, his work, and stubbornness, he did not make it there until Tuesday (not the best idea).

Turns out Jeremy has Pilonidal Disease. Pilonidal Disease is when you have a cyst at the base of your spine, and for some people they don't even know about it until it gets infected, and that's what was happening to Jeremy. So Wednesday I took him to the Naval hospital to get the infected area lanced (eeeeek). Poor Jeremy, he was in so much pain, and wasn't able to sit or bend over.

After getting him home (carefully), and getting the pain meds in him, things seemed to be looking better. It was a rough next few days though. He couldn't sit, he could only lay down or stand, and for the first few days, standing really wasn't an option, because it made him sick and dizzy. We also have a very boring bedroom, so having to stay it bed was not very fun for him. He eventually got his iPad, and watched two seasons of the Walking Dead. I got to learn how to pack and re-pack a wound, and I got the privilege of waiting on him hand and foot. Now this I really didn't mind so much. He's my husband, I love him, I also felt so bad that he had to go through this, and I love spending time with him no matter what. It was my wonderful children however that were putting me on the edge. They were just loud, crazy and out of hand. Okay, you know, when you're on the phone, and your kids know you're on the phone, so during that time they feel the need to get into things, or do things they are not supposed to do (like pushing your brother around the room on the ottoman as fast as you can go) (YUP). Not to mention Olivia was going through some of those "I'm acting this way because I am three" moments. They knew I was distracted, and they took advantage of it (how dare they). I'm sure you can imagine, that at the end of everyday, when bed time came around I was so ready to put those kids to bed.

The good news is Jeremy is starting to feel better. He is finally able to sit in a mostly normal position. He is completely off of his pain meds, and it just taking over the counter. This makes both of us happy, because his pain meds made him sick, and loopy (yeah he was very entertaining when he was on them) (and he doesn't remember anything about that). He is also now able to walk around the house normally, so now I don't have to go and get everything for him (I really didn't mind at all, I'm just glad he is feeling better). So maybe next week, we can go hiking.... maybe, I just hope the nice weather keeps up.

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